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Gadgets : Your future smartwatch might be a tattoo away!


While we’re all busy complaining about smartwatches being too thick and Apple talking about killing off the 3.5mm jack to make their iPhone slimmer, researchers at the University of Tokyo developed a 3 micrometre PLED layer.

The PLED layer is an optoelectric skin which incorporates organic photodetectors. Currently, the PLEDs (Organic Polymer Light Emitting Diode) need to be attached to a thin film before being attached, but Engadget reports that the LEDs by themselves are thin enough to look like tattoos. The report also adds that the LEDs, despite being so thin, are durable enough to not break when you flex.

The PLEDs can display RGB colours as well as white. They can be mounted in any configuration and can, for example, change colour to indicate power levels, measure oxygen levels in the blood and more. The possibilities are indeed endless.

Forget smartwatches and phones, your very body could turn into an IOT display stand. We wonder what the future of advertising would be in such a scenario. Ad-Block Plus, human body edition?

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