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Fallout 76 Free Giveaway: How to Claim Your Copy from Microsoft and Amazon

The Fallout collection has been released to vital acclaim, garnering praise from every nook. Adapting the lengthy-strolling put-up-apocalyptic RPG series with the aid of Interplay and Bethesda, the display follows a canonical tale of three characters through the desolate tract. As such, the achievement requires a party, such as Microsoft and Amazon, to be a part of fingers to give away one of the latest Fallout video games – Fallout 76.

Introduction to Fallout 76 Giveaway

Microsoft’s leading architect Rudy Huyn announced on X that a free copy of Game can be claimed. These copies are available for Xbox and Microsoft Store versions via Prime Gaming, exclusively for Amazon Prime members. You can visit Prime Gaming and claim it right now. The offer is valid until May 15, 2024.

About Fallout 76

In 2018, Bethesda Game Studios introduced the idea of an online Fallout game, envisioning it to play like an MMO with a dynamic world. However, the launch faced challenges with incomplete features and numerous bugs. Over time, with continuous updates, Game has improved, attracting players back to the Appalachia region.

Redeeming Fallout 76

Claim Game For Microsoft Account

To redeem Fallout 76 for a Microsoft account:

  1. Go to the Prime Gaming page and click “Get Game” for a 25-character code.
  2. Open the Microsoft Store on your Windows 10 or Windows 11 PC.
  3. Navigate to your profile, select “redeem code or gift card,” and enter the 25-character code.

Claim Fallout 76 for Xbox

For Xbox users:

  1. Visit the Prime Gaming page and click the game link with “XBOX” written in brackets.
  2. Obtain the 25-character code and visit the redemption link.
  3. Enter the code and confirm that you will redeem Game on your Xbox console.


Microsoft’s giveaway of Fallout 76 presents an exciting opportunity for gamers to explore Appalachia without cost. Take advantage of claiming your free copy and diving into the post-apocalyptic adventure today!

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