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Exploring the Fallout TV Show Timeline: When Does It Take Place?

The Fallout TV show has recently hit the screens and has quickly become a topic of discussion among gaming enthusiasts. Based on the beloved video game franchise of the same name, the show introduces a fresh storyline within the post-nuclear world. However, fans might find themselves wondering about the show’s timeline, especially with seven full-fledged games preceding it. In this article, we will delve into the complete Fallout TV show timeline and unravel its intricacies for you.

Fallout TV Show Timeline Overview

Before we dive deep into the specifics, let’s get a general understanding of the Fallout TV show’s timeline and how it fits into the broader Fallout universe.

Spoiler Alert

Before we proceed, here is a quick heads-up: This article contains spoilers related to the new Fallout TV series on Prime Video. To fully enjoy the show’s intended experience, we recommend watching it before reading further.

The Year in Focus

The Fallout TV show unfolds across different periods. The primary era, set post-nuclear warfare, occurs in 2296, approximately 135 years after the events of Fallout 1. This era introduces Vault 33 and follows Lucy’s quest to find her abducted father, Hank.

On the other hand, the flashback timeline transports us to 2077, a pivotal year marked by escalating tensions between the US and its adversaries. Through these flashbacks, we gain insights into the origins of Vault-Boy and the iconic Thumbs-up image, Vault-Tec’s sinister agendas, and Cooper’s journey before becoming a Ghoul, spanning two centuries.

In alignment with the game’s chronology, the Fallout TV show positions itself nine years post-Fallout 4, maintaining its setting in California, particularly around Los Angeles. It places the show chronologically later than any previous installment in the game series.

Fallout TV Show Timeline: An In-depth Look

Now, let’s dissect the complete Fallout TV show timeline for a clearer perspective:

  • 2077: The nuclear bombs devastate the world, setting the stage for Fallout’s retro-futuristic environment fueled by nuclear advancements.
  • 2102: Reclamation Day marks the reintegration of Vault 76 dwellers into society, as depicted in Fallout 76.
  • 2142: Shady Sands emerges as a significant settlement.
  • 2161: Events of Fallout 1 unfold.
  • 2189: The New California Republic (NCR) is established.
  • 2198: Shady Sands becomes the NCR’s capital.
  • 2241: The events of Fallout 2 take place.
  • 2277: Fallout 3’s storyline unfolds, coinciding with Shady Sands’ destruction in the TV show.
  • 2281: Fallout: New Vegas events occur, introducing a potential timeline discrepancy due to the NCR’s prominence despite Shady Sands’ fate.
  • 2287: Fallout 4 and its expansion, Far Harbor, unfold.
  • 2296: The Fallout TV show’s events unfold, offering a storyline that could seamlessly fit into the game universe’s continuity.

Plot Inconsistencies

While the Fallout TV show aligns well with most of the game series’ events, some viewers have noted a significant plot inconsistency regarding Shady Sands’ fate, considering its pivotal role in Fallout: New Vegas. This discrepancy prompts discussions about the show’s adherence to established lore.

Fallout TV Show’s Canon Status

The question remains: does the Fallout TV show maintain canonical integrity within the Fallout universe? Its placement in the timeline, meticulous attention to lore, and self-contained narrative provide a strong case for potential canonization. However, only time and further exploration within the Fallout franchise will reveal the definitive answer.


In conclusion, the Fallout TV show’s timeline intricately weaves into the rich tapestry of the Fallout universe, offering fans a compelling narrative set against the backdrop of post-nuclear America. Whether it becomes canon or stands as an alternative storyline remains to be seen, but its impact on the franchise is undeniable.

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