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Facebook’s popularity is decreasing over YouTube and Instagram – Reports

Facebook popularity

All updates are being made regarding features from Facebook. But recently a report is not less than a threat bell for the company. In fact, a survey was conducted between the youth living in the US, where they were asked if they like more on-line platforms. In a survey conducted by Pew Research Center in San Francisco, youth said that their first choice in the online platform is YouTube.

Survey Report:

According to the survey questions, 85 percent of young people like YouTube. At the same time 72 percent of Instagram and 69 percent of Snapchat are young. Facebook is ranked fourth in this episode, which is considered to be 51 percent of the youth as its first choice. It is important to note that Instagram is an online platform owned by Facebook.

These figures are also included

According to the report, the popularity of Facebook in the low income category remains intact. Whereas, in the higher income category, the popularity of second on-line is more than that of Facebook.

Which platform is popular in girls?

In the survey conducted in San Francisco, USA, it has also been mentioned that Snapchat are more popular in girls. Whereas YouTube has the most popularity among boys.

Coming soon on Facebook Breaking News Features

Facebook is turning its trending feature to bring breaking news feature. According to reports, the breaking news feature has been divided into three parts. These include breaking news level, Today in and News Video in Watch.

Close the Trending feature

Facebook has started giving information to its users about shutting down the trending feature. Facebook’s trending feature began in 2014, for which it has been quite controversial. Facebook’s trending feature is only available in 5 countries around the world. There are only 1.5 percent of the news in the news. The credibility of these reports is also low.

What was Trending Feature?

The trending features that appeared on the right side of Facebook showed all those issues, which are popular among the people in the country or the world. After clicking on these issues, users can read all the posts, photos, and videos related to this matter.

What was the controversy over the trending feature?

Facebook was accused of bias on this feature. In fact, according to a report, the news head was initially chosen by editors. Whereby radical thinking was put in check, but then Facebook removed editors. Facebook used an algorithm for news Algorithms chose news according to trends, but due to this, many fake and false news came to the trend. Facebook was also criticized about this.



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