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Facebook could be working on its own Secret-like anonymous sharing app

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With several anonymity apps like Secret and Whisper gaining popularity, looks like Facebook is thinking of creating its own such app. According to a report by Re/code, Facebook wants to build a Secret-like app and has also got in touch with Secret for the same. However, there is no acquisition involved, says the report.

Two people familiar with the matter have reportedly refuted the ongoing rumour that Facebook plans to buy Secret for $100 million. The acquisition rumours may have sparked as Facebook is following an aggressive acquisition strategy these days. The company recently snapped WhatsApp for a whopping $19bn and virtual reality firm Oculus for $2bn.

The report says Facebook wants to test the waters at something – i.e anonymity – which is exactly the opposite of what it has been doing so far. “This comes at a time when anonymous messaging services have grown more popular. Facebook, Whisper, Secret and others are particularly interested in the types of conversations people feel more liberated to engage in when they no longer need to identify themselves.”

It is also speculated that Facebook may build certain apps that do not require one to attach their existing profiles, and can be accessed without using real names. If this piece of news is to be believed, then the rise in popularity of apps like Whisper, Secret and Yik-Yak could possibly be blamed for Facebook’s new approach.

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