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Devices Compatible with Apple Intelligence: Full List

Apple recently unveiled a suite of new software features at their annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) that has tech enthusiasts buzzing. With the introduction of iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS Sequoia, Apple has taken a significant leap forward in integrating artificial intelligence into its ecosystem. This new set of features, collectively known as Apple Intelligence, promises to enhance user experience with AI-powered functionalities such as an upgraded Siri, AI-driven writing tools, and Genmoji, an AI-enhanced photo editor, among other things.

However, not all Apple devices will support these cutting-edge features. If you’re curious whether your iPhone, iPad, or Mac will be compatible with Apple Intelligence, read out.


Apple’s latest announcements have ushered in a new era of smart, AI-driven functionalities with the introduction of Apple Intelligence. Revealed at the WWDC 2024, this suite of AI features is set to revolutionize how we interact with our Apple devices. From the enhanced, context-aware Siri to the creative prowess of Genmoji, Apple Intelligence aims to make your tech experience more intuitive and personalized.

What is Apple Intelligence?

Apple Intelligence encompasses a range of AI-powered features designed to make devices more responsive and user-friendly. These features include a major upgrade to Siri, turning it into a more contextually aware assistant, and powerful AI writing tools to help with everything from emails to notes and Genmoji. This innovative tool uses AI to create custom emojis and easily edit photos. The overarching goal of AI Intelligence is to integrate AI deeply into the Apple ecosystem, making everyday tasks simpler and more enjoyable.

Compatibility Overview

Your device requires significant processing power to fully utilize Apple Intelligence’s capabilities, which is where Apple Silicon comes into play. Only devices with Apple’s M-series chips or the A17 Pro chip can run these advanced AI features, including the latest iPhones, iPads, and Macs.

List of Compatible iPhones

iPhone 15 Pro

The iPhone 15 Pro, powered by the A17 Pro chip, is one of the flagship devices that will fully support Apple AI. Users can enjoy a more responsive Siri, advanced photo editing with Genmoji, and other AI-driven enhancements.

iPhone 15 Pro Max

Similarly, the iPhone 15 Pro Max, with its superior hardware capabilities, is also compatible with the full suite of Apple AI features.

List of Compatible iPads

iPad Air (M1 and later)

Starting with the 2022 model, the iPad Air equipped with the M1 chip can harness the power of Apple AI, providing a seamless and efficient user experience.

iPad Pro (M1 and later)

The iPad Pro, known for its robust performance, will support Apple AI from the 2021 model onwards, thanks to the inclusion of the M1 chip.

List of Compatible MacBooks

MacBook Air (M1 and later)

The lightweight yet powerful MacBook Air, starting from the M1 model, will be able to run all the AI features Apple Intelligence offers.

MacBook Pro (M1 and later)

MacBook Pro users with M1 or later chips will enjoy Apple Intelligence’s comprehensive capabilities, which enhance productivity and creativity.

List of Compatible Desktops

iMac (M1 and later)

From the M1 model onwards, the iMac will support the full range of AI features, making it a powerful tool for both work and play.

Mac Mini (M1 and later)

Compact yet mighty, the Mac mini with an M1 chip or later is fully compatible with Apple Intelligence.

Mac Studio (M1 Max and later)

Designed for professionals, the Mac Studio with the M1 Max chip or later will be able to utilize all the advanced AI tools and features.

Mac Pro (M2 Ultra)

The latest Mac Pro, powered by the M2 Ultra chip, represents the pinnacle of performance and will support every aspect of Apple Intelligence.

Setting Up Apple Intelligence

To start using Apple Intelligence, you must initially set your device’s Siri and language settings to U.S. English. This setup step is crucial for accessing the beta features in macOS Sequoia, iPadOS 18, and iOS 18.

Do You Need to Pay for Apple Intelligence?

The good news is that Apple Intelligence features are free for all supported devices. However, during the beta phase later this year, users can test the AI features before the official release in the fall. Apple plans to expand support to more languages over the next year, ensuring wider accessibility.

Key Features of Apple Intelligence

Contextual Siri Upgrade

Siri has become smarter with Apple Intelligence, offering more relevant responses based on context, making interactions more natural and efficient.

AI Writing Tools

These tools assist with writing tasks, from drafting emails to composing notes, by providing smart suggestions and corrections.


Genmoji takes emoji creation and photo editing to new heights, using AI to offer creative and personalized options.

Additional AI Features

Other features include enhanced predictive text, smarter reminders, and advanced photo recognition capabilities.

Privacy and Security

Apple prioritizes privacy and security. Apple Intelligence processes data on-device, ensuring your information stays private and secure without being sent to external servers.

Performance and Efficiency

The integration of Apple Silicon is critical for the performance of Apple Intelligence. The advanced processing power of M-series chips and the A17 Pro chip ensures these AI features run smoothly and efficiently, enhancing the overall user experience.

User Feedback and Expectations

The anticipation surrounding Apple Intelligence is palpable. Users are eager to explore how these AI features can simplify their daily routines and boost productivity. From professional applications to personal use, the possibilities are endless.

Comparing Apple Intelligence with Competitors

While other tech giants are also experimenting with AI, Apple Intelligence stands out with its seamless integration into the existing Apple ecosystem. Its focus on on-device processing and privacy gives Apple a unique edge over its competitors.


Apple Intelligence marks a significant milestone in the evolution of smart devices. By integrating advanced AI features into its ecosystem, Apple enhances the user experience while maintaining a strong commitment to privacy and security. Whether through a smarter Siri, creative tools like Genmoji, or robust AI writing aids, Apple Intelligence is set to transform how we interact with our devices.

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