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Comparing PS5 vs PS5 Pro: What’s Changing and Why it Matters

Comparing PS5 vs PS5 Pro: Now that the PS5 has been around for some time and the dust cloud of income has settled, Sony is gearing up to release a brand new, barely quicker, and higher model of the PS5. The PS5 Pro has been making the rounds in the rumor generators for a while. As more details are coming out about the speculated console, we have to evaluate the present PS5 against what Sony might be planning on releasing soon. So, permit’s examine the predicted variations in specifications, performance, and functions between the PS5 and the PS5 Pro.

PS5 vs PS5 Pro: Speculated Spec Comparison

Let’s start by comparing the PS5 vs PS5 Pro in phrases of pure speculation. While the specs below are still speculative, a couple of sources have confirmed that they keep a positive degree of legitimacy. As such, here are the contemporary PS5 specs pitted in opposition to the speculated specs of PS5 Pro.

ModulePS5PS5 Pro
CPUCustom eight-core AMD Zen 2 CPU. Running @ 3.5GHz.Custom eight-core AMD Zen 2 CPU. Running @ 3.5GHz. Boost mode up to 3.85GHz.
GPUCustom AMD GPU, based on RDNA 2 architecture, and running at 10.23 TFLOPs.Custom AMD GPU, based on RDNA 3 architecture, and running at 33.5 TFLOPs.
StorageCustom-built 825 GB SSD with 12-channel interface and 5.5 GB/s.Custom-built 825 GB SSD with 12-channel interface and 5.5 GB/s.
Resolution support1080p @ 60, 1440p @ 60, 4K @ 30/60Up to 8K@60FPS. Better performance through proprietary upscaling technology.
Raytracing SupportYesYes
Upscaling supportNoYes, through proprietary PSSR solution

PS5 vs PS5 Pro: Speculated CPU Differences

PS5 vs PS5 Pro: Let’s first observe what natural CPU adjustments we would acquire between a PS5 and the Pro variant. A large takeaway from the latest leak is that both systems use the same processor: a custom AMD Zen 2 CPU strolling at 3.5GHz. Furthermore, the PS5 Pro will also come with system reminiscence that will be 28% quicker and will result in faster loading instances while combined with the GPU.

However, at the same time as the CPU front stays identical, the PS5 Pro is poised to include something referred to as Boost Mode. It will enhance the clock speed to three.85GHz, effectively giving better overall performance.

Existing PS5 owners can rest smoothly knowing their base overall performance is sufficient. Nonetheless, the PS5 Pro’s Boost Mode will give a slight performance increase because of the added CPU frequency. We will recognize more after an authentic affirmation from Sony.

PS5 vs PS5 Pro: Speculated GPU Performance

PS5 vs PS5 Pro: While the CPU remains similar between each structure, the PS5 Pro’s GPU needs to p.C. The most important upgrade.

The original PS5 has a custom AMD GPU primarily based on the RDNA 2 structure. It runs on 10.2 Teraflops and lets the console run games in Performance and Resolution mode. While the previous Shall We video games run at a smooth 60 FPS, the decision mode amps matter up and scales the FPS right down to 30. Some say it’s miles much like an AMD RX 5700XT or a NVIDIA RTX 3060.

PS5 vs PS5 Pro: The upcoming PS5 Pro, alternatively, is imagined to include a custom AMD GPU based totally on the RDNA three structure. The GPU is meant to have sixty-seven teraflops for 16-bit floating-factor calculations, which translates to roughly 33.Five teraflops for unmarried-precision computing. Compared to the authentic, the PS5 vs PS5 Pro may have a huge over 45% overall performance improvement.

Due to the GPUs’ upgraded raw electricity, it’s also anticipated that the PS5 Pro can even give an end to the overall performance of two-3 Ray Tracing. While this improves my sounds excellent, the PS5 Pro might have more in keeping with PSSR.

PSSR Upscaling Technology

PS5 vs PS5 Pro: One of the biggest benefits of the imminent PS5 Pro over the bottom model is the proprietary upscaling technology. Aptly titled PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution Upscaling, the imminent tech will use the PS5 Pro’s GPU to down sample, after which upscale the image. It could also replace any other antialiasing solutions.

In keeping with the current leaks, the console has to be able to upscale seamlessly because of a rumored AI Accelerator. It will result in PS5 Pro supporting 4K@120Hz and even 8K@60Hz. If it’s correct, Sony has loads riding in this upscaling generation.

PS5 Pro Enhanced Games

Besides the speculated GPU enhancements and upscaling tech, more data is available in the form of PS5 Pro Games, which have a stronger label with their necessities. PS5 Pro Enhanced video games will be titles in particular beefed up for the imminent console.

However, to qualify for that, they ought to bypass a few requirements. As stated above, video games need tech like PSSR to provide 4K resolutions, a regular 60FPS, and elevated Ray Tracing Effects. We should have more information on this as we get toward the console’s launch date.

PS5 Pro: Biggest Upgrade Yet? (PS5 vs PS5 Pro)

Ps5 pro: a deep dive into upgraded cpu and gpu performance
Comparing ps5 vs ps5 pro: what's changing and why it matters 2

While it’s a chunk too soon to decide which console you need to get, ultimately, it’s very clean, and the PS5 Pro will include a few well-deserved improvements. While the CPU itself stays, in general, the RDNA three GPU on the PS5 packs some big boosts.

Currently, it would help if you bought a PS5 for $450. If you keep in mind buying it during income, you could get it even lower. That console will, without problems, provide you with 1440p and even 4K gameplay, but at 30FPS, in case you want the latter.

If the claims are indeed true, the rate of a PS5 Pro may be excessive. However, given its performance development and raytracing abilities, spending more money in the desire of proper upscaling generation and performance is worth it. If you, as a person, care loads about framerate in better resolutions.

Ultimately, it’s going to boil right down to the exact specs the PS5 Pro comes with and if they’re well worth it. Are you excited for the upcoming console upgrade? Let us recognize your mind inside the comments underneath!


In conclusion, the PS5 Pro promises significant upgrades in CPU and GPU performance, enhanced upscaling technology, and improved gaming experiences. Despite the higher price, gamers seeking top-tier performance will benefit from the added features.

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