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Sony Silently Upgraded its PS5 Console

Sony Upgraded its PS5 Console: Mid-generation upgrades are nothing new for video game consoles, dating back to his PS2 days when Sony released a “slim” version of the device in 2006. So, with the current console generation already two years old, fans are eagerly awaiting what Sony has in store for us this time. However, according to many sources, we won’t see any updates in the existing support.

Sony Upgraded its PS5

Instead, we’ll see new advancements in chip architecture and thermal interfaces while maintaining a larger form factor. A teardown by YouTuber Austin Evans and Angstronomics reveals that Sony has redesigned the interior of the PS5 (CFI-1202), opting for a smaller power supply, a new SSD slot, and a redesign of the old relatives.

Image source: austin evans

But, as Angtronics revealed in a separate report, the differences don’t end there. The new Playstation 5 CFI-1202 has a big difference APU would be a 6nm counterpart of the AMD Zen 2 processor dubbed “Oberon Plus”.

(image source: angstromics)

Switching from a 7nm chip to a 6nm chip, the new PS5 model has an 18.8% higher transistor density than the previous generation and a reduced die area from 300mm² to just 270mm². Combining these improvements is expected to increase efficiency and reduce energy usage. As Evans showed in his video, that seems to be largely true, with the new PS5 using 11 watts less than the previous “1000” model.

It’s an interesting story after the significant price increase announced by Sony for all major regions except the US. Innovation often leads to lower costs because, as efficiency increases, the raw materials needed for production decrease.

Sony is also thought to use 12% less on its next PS5. Is this update just a way for Sony to increase its profits? It seems that would explain why Sony has remained silent on these benefits.

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