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Apple Plans to Release an Affordable Vision Pro Headset

Last week, Apple unveiled its much-awaited device – Apple Vision Pro – at the WWDC 2023 event. Launched at an exorbitant price of $3,498, Apple explained two things clearly. One, the headset is designed to “usher in a new era of virtual reality experience,” and two, “It’s not meant for everyone.” However, if you are discouraged by the pricing, Apple might have the solution. Read on to learn how.

Apple’s recent Apple Vision Pro headset announcement has generated excitement among tech enthusiasts and VR fans. However, the steep price tag has left many potential customers wondering if a more affordable option will be available. This article explores the possibility of Apple releasing a cheaper Vision Pro headset and discusses its implications.

A Cheaper Apple Headset in the Works

According to Bloomberg’s renowned tech journalist Mark Gurman, Apple is actively working on launching a more affordable version of the Vision Pro headset. The goal is to make this revolutionary technology accessible to a broader range of consumers without compromising the overall experience. While this doesn’t undermine the premium offering of the Vision Pro, it presents an opportunity for those who are hesitant to invest a significant amount of money into an AR/VR headset.

Possible Cost Reduction Methods

To reduce the headset’s cost, Apple must explore various avenues for cost reduction without compromising on essential features. Gurman suggests several strategies that Apple might employ:

1) Downgrading Components

A significant portion of the Vision Pro’s cost can be attributed to its high-quality camera and sensor array, micro OLED displays, and dual processor architecture. To reduce costs, Apple could opt for lower-quality screens such as microLED, incorporate fewer cameras and sensors, and utilize older Mac chipsets like the M1 and R1 chips.

2) Design Simplification

Apple could also simplify the headband design, forgo the built-in speakers in favor of Spatial Audio technology, and remove non-essential features like the 3-D camera. These design changes help reduce production costs while maintaining the core functionality of the headset.

3) Strategic Component Selection

It is unlikely that Apple will compromise on the external screen, known as EyeSight, and the hand tracking system. These components play a crucial role in delivering an immersive and interactive experience, and cutting corners here could diminish the overall quality of the product.

The Future of Apple’s AR/VR Headsets

The name “Vision Pro” suggests that a non-Pro headset variant is already in the works. Gurman speculates that this more affordable version will likely become available to consumers by 2025. As Apple continues to invest in AR/VR technology and refine its manufacturing processes, we can expect further advancements in the coming years.


While the release of the Apple Vision Pro headset has undoubtedly captured the attention of technology enthusiasts, not everyone can justify the hefty price tag associated with the premium offering. However, the reports of a potentially cheaper variant in the works give hope to those who aspire to explore the world of augmented and virtual reality. By strategically reducing costs without compromising essential features, Apple aims to broaden the accessibility of this revolutionary technology. Although these developments are yet to be confirmed, it’s exciting that Apple is actively considering the needs of a broader consumer base.

In conclusion, unveiling the Apple Vision Pro headset at the WWDC 2023 event has created significant buzz in the tech world. With its promise to deliver a groundbreaking virtual reality experience, the headset comes with a high price tag that may deter some potential buyers. However, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reports suggesting that Apple is working on a more affordable headset version, aiming to make AR/VR technology accessible to a broader audience. By exploring various cost reduction methods, such as downgrading components and simplifying the design, Apple seeks to balance affordability and functionality.

We expect further innovation and enhancements in Apple’s AR/VR headset offerings as technology advances. The future of Apple’s AR/VR headsets looks promising, with the potential for a non-Pro variant of the Vision Pro headset to be released in the coming years. It opens up exciting possibilities for individuals eager to immerse themselves in augmented and virtual reality.

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