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Apple Launched a New HomePod (2023) with Improve Audio Quality

Here are the details about Apple’s new HomePod 2023 smart speaker, which succeeded the one launched in India in 2020. The new HomePod offers Spatial Audio support, improved Siri, and more new features, at a slightly higher price.

HomePod (2023): Details

The second-generation HomePod features the same design as its predecessor: a transparent mesh design and a backlit touch. The speakers support hi-fi and Spatial Audio Tracks, which deliver high-quality sound. HomePod also supports Siri, allowing users to control the speaker with their voice.

The new HomePod features a 4-inch high-excursion woofer, five beamforming tweeters, and a bass-EQ mic. It also has a diaphragm of 20mm, which is an improvement over the first-generation HomePod. The S7 chip in the new HomePod replaces the A8 chip in the first-generation HomePod.

The device also comes with room-sensing technology that lets you tell where it is on the surface, and it can be paired with an Apple TV 4K. Stereo pairing creates a better soundstage and an enhanced music experience by pairing up two HomePods via AirPlay. A HomePod mini can also be connected to the smart speaker.

A simple ‘Hey, Siri’ will send reminders, message notifications, and more. It can also control smart home devices and work with Matter. It also comes with Sound Recognition and temperature and humidity sensors.

As reported earlier this week, Apple is working on a new HomePod for 2023. The device will feature Find My support and end-to-end encryption for all communications. In addition, the HomePod will also feature Ultra Wideband technology, allowing users to play the same song on both devices.

Price and Offers

The new Apple HomePod at ₹32,900 is a great value compared to the 2020 model. With its larger display and improved sound quality, it’s sure to be a hit with consumers. Those looking for an immersive home listening experience and access to Apple Music streaming services should consider picking up the new HomePod when it sells on February 3.

HomePod is available in Midnight and White colors.

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