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Apple iPhone 6S: The next iPhone is identical externally, several internal changes


According to a report in 9to5mac, “Apple is preparing an “S” iPhone upgrade that superficially preserves the exterior designs of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, but includes a collection of major internal changes.”

The report quotes “a proven source familiar with Apple’s supply chain” with photos of the next iPhone. The debate in rumour circles now, is whether the next iPhone would be an iPhone 6s or the iPhone 7.

The key highlights in the next iPhone according to the report are as follows:

Same dimensions as the current iPhone

The dimensions of the next iPhone, along with the Space Gray colour have been retained. However, the report says it is quite possible that certain tweaks may be included before shipment.

Modifications to internal structure

According to the report, there are several small changes to the iPhone 6s frame suggesting the position of the logic board and components.

Antenna lines retained

The report adds that Apple had recently applied for a patent to hide antenna lines at the rear of the device. The means to achieve this was through anodised metal appearance.

Connector, speakers and microphone

The connector, speaker and mic arrangement on the bottom of the device is reportedly the same as the existing iPhone.

Some time ago, we heard how the next iPhone might just get rid of the home button. However, in the light of the latest set of rumours, it seems the Home button still stays on the next iPhone. Considering multiple reports, it appears that the virtual Home button would appear in a future iteration of Apple’s smartphone.

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