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Apple iPhone 14 Pro May Be Coming with a New Ultra-Wide Camera and 30W Fast Charging

Apple iPhone 14 Pro: Apple is scheduled to unveil the much anticipated iPhone 14 series in a week, but there will undoubtedly be more leaks before then. The most recent information discusses the quick charging capacity, cameras, and other features of the iPhone 14 Pro variants.

New Information on the iPhone 14 Pro

The iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 Pro Max will enable 30W fast charging, according to a tweet from leaker DuanRui. According to the tweet, a mysterious third-party charger company is supplying media outlets with samples of their chargers so they may test them out with iPhone 14 Pro models. These allegedly have Lightning ports. Maybe this year won’t see iPhones using USB-C!

If accurate, this will charge the iPhone 13 Pro quicker than the 20W fast charger that is currently available. The source does point out that the next iPhones will only be able to handle a peak power of 27W. According to a recent leak, the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max would initially support a 30W charging speed while being charged before dropping to 25W or 27W.

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On paper, this is a quicker charging method, but given that Android phones can already handle up to 150W fast charging and that the 200W and 240W charging speeds have previously been disclosed, this may not be as interesting.

A new ultra-wide lens with a bigger sensor and 1.4 m pixels would allegedly be included in the iPhone 14 Pro versions, according to famous tipper Ming-Chi Kuo. Images will be more grain-free, crisper, and more detailed as a result. However, the cost of the components might be as high as 70%.

Details about the iPhone 14!

Additionally, Kuo has disclosed that the iPhone 14 series would feature satellite communications, which was previously anticipated to debut with the iPhone 13. When cellular or internet access is weak, users will be able to send texts and make calls using satellite networks.

Apple and Globalstar are anticipated to collaborate on this. Kuo writes in a Medium report, “Whether iPhone 14 will offer satellite communication service depends on whether Apple and operators can settle the business model.

The fascinating aspect is that the iPhone 13 may also receive satellite communication. The hardware for the iPhone 13 has already been produced by the firm, but the company is now figuring out how to implement it. There is a possibility that the functionality won’t be introduced at the time the iPhone 14 is released.

A “pill+hole punch” display in place of the notch, 48MP cameras, various chipsets for the iPhone 14 Pro and non-Pro models, new camera enhancements, larger batteries, and much more are further elements that are most likely to be revealed.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro: The iPhone 14 lineup will be launching on September 7, and it’s better to wait till then to acquire all the official details. We will be live-blogging the event. So, stay tuned for further information.

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