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Apple iOS 10 VS Android Nougat 7: Mobile Operating Systems Go Head To Head


Google recently launched the latest version of Android, Android Nougat 7 while Apple is still working on the upcoming version of its operating system, Apple iOS 10. Both the companies have worked other the operating systems that power their mobile devices for more that half a decade. While iOS was launched in 2007, Android was released in 2008 with both the operating systems undergoing at least seven major versions in last eight years.

User Interface

The user interface for both the operating systems has taken a major overhaul regarding how polished it looks after multiple changes. Even if the fundamental core principles of the home screen in Android and the lack of home screen in iOS are glaring, but the finesse is evident from the initial versions.

Apple iOS 10 focuses on interaction using force touch in Apple devices, where Apple has specifically introduced sensors inside the display to detect the amount of pressure being applied accurately. In addition to force touch, Apple is bringing ‘Rise to wake’ feature which is the Android equivalent of ‘Always on’ display. The company has also changed its stance, introducing widgets on the lock screen and notifications drawer. Another important changes is the support for 3rd party apps to leverage widget framework and include dedicated widgets specific to different apps.

While Android 7 Nougat has changed the navigation bar buttons to include a new function of ‘Quick Switch’ which can be accessed by double tapping the recent button to jump to the last app that you were using. Even though Nougat does not have anything regarding newer ways to interact with the content but we can look forward to a unique experience with Daydream compatible devices.


Apple iOS notification system is one of the most robust notification systems in the mobile operating space with a quick glance for everything happening on your iOS device. Apple is making the experience better with the ability to interact with your notifications, right from your lock screen. This newer notification system works with third party apps as well where developers can push live updates to the notifications.

Android Nougat has also improved the notification system, enabling the users to interact with the notifications without opening the app. Google redesigned the entire notification system in Nougat with a uniform width, smaller fonts, and notifications stacked according to apps. Users can even pull down the notification and reply to messages directly from the notification, without opening the messaging app.


Digital Assistants

Apple’s AI based digital assistant, Siri will gain a lot of capabilities with the latest update. Users will be able to book cabs, send messages to a particular contact in a specific third party app like WhatsApp among regular things like conducting an online search, ask for directions, schedules, set alarms, reminders, notifications and making calls all by telling Siri.

Even though Google’s AI-based digital assistant, Google Now does not have these many automation or magical ‘speak, and you shall get it done’ commands, but the offering is gradually improving with each interaction, and we can see it coming in a more comprehensive way with the upcoming Google Pixel lineup.


Apple has revamped its messaging service, iMessage from the ground up, adding more social features with a lot of glitter and flash. This is a significant improvement regarding the way one can interact with mere messaging client, but we will wait for the real world change that it brings when it releases.

Things are contrasting if we talk about the Android Nougat side of messaging. Even though Google is working on its new messaging service ‘Google Allo,’ but there is no fixed date for the launch of the app and the efforts to improve messaging seem to be scattered with Messaging, Hangouts, and upcoming Google Allo.

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