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Anonymous releases ‘how to’ guide to finding ISIS online


Global hackers group Anonymous has now released a guide on how to get involved in the cyber-war against ISIS, in the wake of the attacks on Paris. The group has posted instructions online for anyone who wants to join in on their ‘Operation Paris’ #OpParis campaign. The main aim of this campaign is to publish possible details of ISIS.

The guides include detailed instructions on how one can carry out a cyber-attack against IS websites such as distributed denial of service (DDoS) and man in the middle (MITM) attacks, points out a report by the International Business Times. The campaign is said to be the group’s ‘biggest operation ever’ while IS has referred to Anonymous as ‘idiots’.

“Instead of sitting idle in the [chat] channel or lurking around and doing nothing, you can benefit greatly from the different tools and guides that have been provided to you,” a member of Anonymous reportedly wrote.

Most of the work involves finding social media accounts of extremists and have them shut down. The group has also stated that such activity has also led to thousands of accounts being shut down. The report further points out that three guides were posted to an IRC channel used by Anonymous to share information on OpParis. The first one is ‘NoobGuide’ for anyone who wishes to learn how to hack, the second guide, ‘Reporter’ explains how to set up a Twitter bot for uncovering IS accounts and the last one is called a ‘Searcher’ guide for basically finding IS websites.

Anonymous is an international network of activist computer hackers which has claimed responsibility for many cyber-attacks against government, corporate and religious websites over the past dozen years.

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