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Android N’s first screenshot leaked; shows new navigation drawer


While we are still months away from Google I/O, where the search giant is expect to give us a peek into its next Android flavour, the first screenshot has already surfaced.

Interstingly, this is no leak and the screenshot emerges from Google’s Android developer site, where it was spotted by Android Police. The screenshots show a Hamburger button on the Bluetooth page (left corner), which is not seen in the previous Marshmallow version. Hamburger buttons are seen in many apps (even the ones from Google). A Hamburger button helps access more menu options through a slide-out function and one doesn’t have to go back to the main settings screen.


“Google has been adamant about developers making the drawer a constant across their apps, not something that’s accessible from one screen and not from another. But it wouldn’t be the first time it broke its own rules, so it could easily go with a navigation drawer that’s only accessible in settings sections and not the main screen,” points out Android Police. However, Google is also known for experimenting and don’t always implement everything, adds the report.

Just like Android Marshmallow and Lollipop, the company may unveil the new OS at the I/O, and start the guessing game for what the ‘N’ in the name will stand for. In the past we’ve seen many Indians express their desire for the next Android OS to be named after an Indian dessert. And one of the topic of discussions during his recent India visit while interacting with students at the prestigious Shri Ram College of Commerce, was no different. He even went ahead to say that Android N name might be decided via an online poll.

In the past Samsung has hinted at native stylus support in Android N and some reports also claim that Google may let go the app drawer in the coming iteration. This isn’t surprising as many vendors have opted for a drawer-less design.

The new OS flavour is likely to be unveiled at Google I/O be held on May 18-20 and the OS should start shipping with Nexus devices later this year.

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