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Android 5.0 design concept imagines what the future may hold

   Android 5. 0

An Android fan imagined what Android 5.0 could look like, showing various elements in design renders posted on his Google Plus account.
Jinesh Shah, an Electrical Engineering student at the University of Michigan, has posted four images in which he imagined the new Android 5.0 environment (see gallery below).
We’re looking at an interesting, minimal design, with colors that are easy on the eyes. Some translucency effects are present – we have no idea whether it’s iOS 7-related or not – like that transparent task bar and on-screen buttons.

Android 5. 0 concept

The home screen features a redesigned clock and Google Search widgets, with Shah giving prominent placement to Hangouts and Camera apps.
Interestingly, the lock screen is a bit more cluttered, even though it includes only two elements, a “scrollable Google Now lockscreen widget integrated with Notifications,” and Voice Search. According to Shah, this new Google Now widget is “already open,” and you don’t have to swipe down to activate it. Presumably the lock screen will always show relevant information once you turn it on, without the need of performing any gestures to activate the widgets.
As for the other widgets on the home screen, Shah suggests that they’re neatly hidden, and can be shown with a simple swipe down. Once the gesture is performed, a new widget can replace the existing one, in this case the clock widget, and the user can move between widgets by swiping to the left and right.
Again, this is just a concept, and Shah said that more images will follow. However, while we can always check out what Android fans imagine for their favorite operating system, these concepts are not related to Google in any way.

Android 5. 0 concept
Android 5. 0 concept

Android 5. 0 concept
Android 5. 0 concept

Android 5.0 is far from being confirmed, with Android 4.3 Jelly Bean expected to be the next Android update to be rolled out by Google. Until recently, Android 5.0 was believed to arrive at Google I/O, and said to be called Key Lime Pie. At this point, we have no way of knowing in advanced when Android 5.0 and/or Key Lime Pie will arrive, considering that Google surprised pretty much everyone at Google I/O, by not announcing an Android OS update.
That said, we’re certainly interested to see how Google will respond to iOS 7, because the next main battle in the mobile OS wars will be fought between Apple’s recently unveiled OS and Google’s next major OS update.
What do you think about these proposed ideas? Would you like Google to implement some of them? Would you like to see such a launcher for it?

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