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AirDroid 3 brings your smartphone to your desktop


Working on tedious tasks on your phone can be quite irritating at times. Well, AirDroid 3 makes things a lot easier for you now.

AirDroid is an application via which you can manage your android device directly on a web browser, without a cable. The updated version comes in with many useful features.

The app has made it’s entry to Google Play and has added new applications for Mac OS and Windows. Earlier, you would have to log into the AirDroid server through a web browser.

One of the new features added to AirDroid is Air Mirror. This feature allows you to mirror your smartphone on your desktop. This makes it easier for users as they can interact with their apps, simply with a mouse and keyboard.

Initially, you could only receive alerts for incoming calls and messages, but not respond to them directly via your desktop. With the new update, you can not only answer calls but you could mute or dismiss them as u like. As many users around the globe constantly use instant messaging services, this feature turns out to be convenient as notifications are directly pushed to the desktop in real time.

Air Droid 3 adds in more than notifications for calls and messages. You could view notifications from any app you like and also, silent a few of them if they tend to disturb you. You could also transfer files, copy/paste links from web browsers as well. It also allows you to view your phone contacts, directly from your desktop too.

In addition, Air Droid 3 enables end-to-end encryption for all SMS, app notifications, contact data, account credentials and other sensitive data.

The app has been redesigned to suit the new the  Android 5.0 Lollipop‘s Material Design.

The updated AirDroid 3 app is available to download from Google Play, while Mac and Windows apps can be downloaded from the company website.

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