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YouTube teases offline mode in latest app update


Video streaming on mobile devices gobbles tons of data, especially if you frequently replay the ones you really like. Do this using mobile data, and you’re sure to be presented with an eye-watering mobile bill at the month end. Streaming on a Wi-Fi network is usually faster and lighter on your pocket, but it would be foolish you expect a Wi-Fi connection every time you’re in the mood to watch your favourite video.

Being able to watch videos offline can make a huge difference in cutting down the mobile data you’ll be using to stream videos you watch often. While you might not be able to watch new videos offline, there’s hope that you can replay videos as many times as you wish without having to stream them all over again – saving you both time and cash. You can first stream them on a Wi-Fi network and watch them when you’re on the move.

YouTube has been raising our hopes since late 2013, when it announced it would  introduce a caching ability within its mobile app. However, we are yet to see the feature rolled out to us. Now, the latest update on the Android app (available only in some countries) sports an ‘Offline’ mode and we’re convinced that offline viewing will be made available very soon. Sadly, even though the offline option is staring right at us, it’s not available for use yet. According to Pocket Now, Google is probably figuring out how it can sell advertisements when users are watching videos offline.

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