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WhatsApp Tips: You can hide your personal chat in WhatsApp, follow these simple tips

Whatsapp-logoEveryone chats with someone on WhatsApp. People have fear in their minds that no one can read their private chat. So in this way, we are going to tell you a special trick by which you will be able to hide your personal chat.

We all have contacts in WhatsApp that we talk to more. Also, there is a fear in our minds that nobody should read our chat. You too must be talking to someone or other and this fear will also be there in your mind. So in this way, today we are going to tell you a special way, by following which you can hide your private chat without deleting it. Let’s know …

Here’s how to hide your private chat

  •     First, open WhatsApp.
  •     After this, press the chat you want to hide for a while.
  •     Now you will see the archive option at the top. Click on it.
  •     After doing so your private chat will be hidden.

iPhone users hide private chat like this

  •     Open WhatsApp and go to the chat list.
  •     Now swipe right on the contact you want to hide.
  •     As soon as you swipe right, you will see the archive option. Click on it.
  •     Now your chat will be hidden.

How to get Hyde Chat back

  •     Open Whatsapp to bring Hyde Chat back.
  •     Then go to the bottom of the chat screen.
  •     Here you will see the option of Archived. Click on it.
  •     Long press on Archived, now you will see the option of Unarchive, click on it.
  •     This way your hid chat will come back.

WhatsApp’s upcoming feature

Like smartphones and other devices, soon video and audio calls can be done through WhatsApp on laptops and desktops. For this, a new 2.2043.7 update for beta users has been released by WhatsApp, which will support video and audio calling in the WhatsApp Web version. This new update is currently under development. It will be released to all users soon.

This is how you can do video and audio calling

Webetainfo, which monitors WhatsApp’s latest beta update, has released a screenshot of the new update. According to the report of Webetainfo, when users receive video and audio calls through WhatsApp Web, a separate window will be opened, where the call can be accepted or rejected. At the same time, when users call another through Whatsapp Web, a small window will open. This will also include the states of the call. In addition to individual calling on WhatsApp Web, support for group audio and video calling will also be available soon. This feature is not currently available on the beta update. But soon this feature can be made available.


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