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Google to launch two Nexus smartphones this year?


As far as the Nexus goes, it just may be that reports of its death have been highly exaggerated.

From news reports that Google planning to pull the plug on its celebrated Nexus lineup in favour of the new Android Silver series, to reports suggesting that Motorola is building the next Nexus smartphone dubbed Nexus X, we’ve heard it all. Now, a new report suggests that Google may launch not one but two Nexus smartphones this year.

A report by Phonearena states that Google will initially release a 5.9-inch Nexus X that has been in the news recently, and that could be followed by a 5.2-inch variant. News has it that Motorola is testing two Moto S devices  – one with a 5.9-inch display and the other with a 5.2-inch display. The second device with 5.2-inch display could be pushed as the second variant of the Nexus X. However, Motorola will take this move only depending upon the reaction it gets for the Moto X+ 1.

“According to a source close to the supply chain, Google may be cleaning up the unused devices. The main Nexus X is already set to be 5.9-inches, as we’ve stated before. But, word has it that if Motorola releases the 5.9-inch Moto S, Google may repurpose the 5.2-inch Moto S units as a second Nexus device,” the news site explains in the report.

It is also widely believed that Motorola could name the new smartphone Nexus X instead of Nexus 6 as the company cannot adopt the name due to copyright issues.  Going by most of the previous reports, this device is expected to feature a large 5.9-inch display. There is no word on what the smaller variant will be named.

Apple is planning a large 5.5-inch variant for the iPhone and given the existing fad for giant screen devices in the market, we wouldn’t be surprised to see a large Nexus 6 phone. However, a 5.9-inch display appears far too large, even in this current market situation. So, a 5.2-inch variant seems like a great idea. However, there is no word on if both devices will come with a similar set of specs except the screen size.

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