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Twitter acquires the Twitpic domain and will keep its photo archive alive

Twitter acquires the Twitpic domain and will keep its photo archive alive


It almost seems like a long goodbye. After going back and forth on Twitter about Twitpic shutting down and being acquired, the news is finally out that Twitpic will in fact, be acquired by Twitter.
Twitter will keep alive the popular image sharing domain and photo archive of Twitpic which was suppose to be erased two days ago. Although the photo-archive will be visible, users will not be able to add new pictures to it.

In a blog post, founder Noah Everett said, “We have reached an agreement with Twitter to give them the Twitpic domain and photo archive, thus keeping the photos and links alive for the time being.” He added, “Twitter shares our goal of protecting our users and this data.”

Twitpic was a popular website which allowed users to post pictures to Twitter back in the day as Twitter did not offer the ability to share pictures directly from its site. At the same time, many other third party Twitter apps were used by thousands of users who logged in to share their images.

There were tweets sent out by founder Noah Everett which mentioned that Twitpic was going to shut down after a failed acquisition deal which was to prevent it from having to close. Last month, Twitpic announced it had been forced to shut down after Twitter’s legal team demanded that the company abandon its trademark application or risk losing access to the social network’s API — a service key to keeping Twitpic functioning.

Twitpic’s website will continue in a view-only mode and will not accept new photos and data. Users can still login to their profiles, delete content or Twitpic accounts, or export and download their content, Everett said. The iOS and Android apps have been pulled down from their app stores and will no longer be supported, he added.

We can safely say, that in this selling-acquiring race, millions of images of users have been saved. For the time being it looks like everyone is a winner here.

R.I.P Twitpic: 2008 – 2014.

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