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Troy Baker Sets the Record Straight: Not Voicing Jason in GTA 6

GTA 6, the highly anticipated game, sparked a whirlwind of speculations following its trailer release. Among the assumptions, Troy Baker’s alleged involvement as Jason, one of the protagonists, took center stage.

GTA 6 Trailer & Assumptions

The trailer’s cryptic nature fueled fan theories, with many believing Troy Baker would voice Jason. However, Baker recently addressed these rumors, setting the record straight.

Troy Baker’s Clarification

In a YouTube interview on The Movie Dweeb channel, Baker confirmed he isn’t voicing Jason in GTA 6. Despite fans’ persistent theories, Baker emphasized his non-involvement.

Interview Details

During the interview, Baker discussed the minimalism of his role, stating, “He says one word! He says ‘trust’.” His remarks highlighted the audience’s tendency to assume roles without confirmation.

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Baker’s Voice: Jason in GTA 6

While Baker’s voice is indeed present in the trailer, it’s for a different character, not Jason. This revelation surprised many, showcasing the intricacies of voice acting in gaming.

Rockstar’s Requirement

Baker illuminated Rockstar Games’ rigorous voice-acting process, emphasizing the dedication required for major roles in franchises like GTA.

Baker’s Previous Works

Known for his iconic roles in games like The Last of Us and the Arkham Series, Baker’s absence from GTA 6 as Jason reshapes fan expectations.

GTA 6 Hype

With GTA 6 slated for a 2025 release, anticipation continues to build. Fans remain fervently discussing the game’s protagonist.

Speculations on Male Protagonist

Following Baker’s clarification, speculation on the male protagonist’s identity intensifies. Fans now ponder who will fill the pivotal role in GTA 6.


Troy Baker’s revelation adds depth to the GTA 6 narrative, showcasing the intricacies of voice casting and fan expectations. As the game’s release approaches, speculation on its characters continues to fuel excitement.

SOURCE The Movie Dweeb/ YouTube

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