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The power balance is shifting towards mobile, says Eric Schmidt

Google honcho Eric Schmidt believes that the mobile has already won, as he makes his predictions for the coming year in tech. In a video put up by Bloomberg, Schmidt says, “Everyone is going to have a smartphone. The trend has been mobile was winning. It’s won now.” Check out the video:

Schmidt, in the video, goes on to note that there are more tablets and phones being sold than PCs, shifting the power balance towards smartphones and mobile gadgets. As far as the trend for the new year goes, Schmidt mentions that the arrival of big data and machine intelligence will form the foundation for new services as far as locating and ranking people goes, and this is something he sees growing further in the coming year.

As far as the blind corner for 2014 goes, the Google chief believes it is the field of genetics that will have the “biggest disruptions”. The ability to have personal genetics records and advances as far as DNA sequencing goes will “yield discoveries in cancer treatment and diagnostics over the next year,” Schmidt says. “They’re unfathomably important.

Google in 2014, says Schmidt, will be investing a lot. Despite slowdown in various industries, Google ends up benefiting because people need Google services, he says. Schmidt also goes on to surprise us by saying that one thing Google missed the bus on completely was not anticipating the rise of Google. In his defense, says Schmidt, Google had been busy making advances elsewhere, but underestimating the power of social networking is one mistake the company will not be making again. Google+, anyone?

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