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Snapchat’s ‘Best Friends’ replaced with six new Friend emojis


Snapchat for iOS and Android apps has been updated, which brings in a replacement for the controversial ‘Best Friends’ list feature. This feature has now been replaced with the new ‘Friends Emojis’ which are said to be more private and will only be visible to the user.

Six different kinds of Friend Emojis have been added to illustrate half a dozen possible relationships between contacts. For example, if a gold heart is next to a person’s name, it means that they are the person you send snaps to the most. The grimacing face emoji will indicate that you have a mutual best friend. It means that the person you send snaps to the most, is also who this person sends snaps to the most.

The ‘cool emoji’ will imply that  your best friends is one of their best friends which means that you both send a lot of snaps to a certain person. The smiling face emoji implies to a best friend, but not your number one friend. Lastly, the fire emoji shows that you have begun a ‘snapstreak’, by sending this person snaps on consecutive days. Snapchat will also show you ow many days you have kept up the streak.

In other features, the updated app brings in a low-light camera mode, where users will see a crescent moon icon at the top when in a dark situation. The new ‘Needs Love’ section reminds users to connect with old friends who they haven’t sent any snaps to in a long time.

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