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Samsung’s ‘Next Big Thing’ ad campaign drove Apple’s Phil Schiller crazy, says attorney

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Round two of the Apple-Samsung patent saga has been just as interesting as the first one. First Samsung had an objection to a video that was to be shown to the jury instructing them about the patents in question, as the video showed Apple as an innovator. Samsung felt that the video was biased in favour of Apple, but the judge didn’t agree and said that the jury would be shown the video.

Samsung said in court that the patents that Apple claimed to have developed were in fact actually developed by Google. “Not one of the accused features on this phone was designed, much less copied, by anyone at Samsung. The accused features on this phone were developed independently by some of the software engineers at Google, up the road in Mountain View,” Samsung attorney Peter Quinn said in court.

The latest fun bit is that Samsung has claimed that Apple’s marketing chief Phil Schiller went crazy after Samsung launched its ‘Next Big Thing’ advertising series. The campaign often showed people standing in line to buy the iPhone and took potshots at Apple fans. Samsung is basing this on internal Apple documents, which it is using in the lawsuit, reports The Verge.

Samsung’s lawyer John Quinn, told the court, “We will show you internal Apple documents, documents that haven’t been made public before, and showed how Apple was really concerned about competition from Android, and in particular Samsung. This new, edgy marketing strategy … it drove Apple crazy.”

The report says that “Quinn brought out an internal email from Schiller to his team that highlighted a story from The Wall Street Journal last January entitled “Has Apple lost its cool to Samsung?” Schiller’s one-line email said simply “We have a lot of work to do to turn this around.” According to Quinn, Schiller became obsessed with the campaign.

Schiller has also appeared in the court trial and said that Samsung copying their products made Apple look like the cheat. “I believe it has caused damage for Apple in the marketplace. It has caused people to question some of the innovations we’ve created and Apple’s role as the innovator. That challenge is made harder in the copying,” he told the court, reports CNET.

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