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Samsung ships 10 million Galaxy S5s in 25 days


Galaxy S5 just became the bestselling smartphone for the Korean giant. A report by South Korea’s Hankyung claims Galaxy S5’s sales to have surpassed a figure of 10 million units. This figure, just like the previous ones, highlights Samsung shipment to channels and not to consumers but is an impressive feat, nonetheless. The phone’s shipment reached the milestone in just 25 days, beating Galaxy S4’s 27 day record and easily besting previous Galaxy S flagships – Galaxy S III (50 days), Galaxy S II (5 months), Galaxy S (7 months).
The Galaxy S5 is currently on sale in over 125 countries and it will be interesting to see if Galaxy S5 can hold the momentum like the Galaxy S
III and Galaxy S4 that have sold around 60 million and 40 million units respectively.

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