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Samsung says the Galaxy Gear is a chick magnet in cringeworthy new ad

Owning a Samsung Galaxy Gear not only makes you more attractive to women and good at pick-up tactics, but also makes you less clumsy, if a new ad for the wearable can be believed. A new two-and-a-half minute spot will make you cringe, despite Samsung’s good intentions to show cool the Gear is.

The cheesy ad shows a love triangle on a ski-resort, with the Galaxy Gear playing our hero’s trusty sidekick. Two men are vying for the attention of a girl, but only one of them has the Gear. So while the Gear-less dude is trying to chat the girl up, our ‘Geared-up’ guy starts showing off his expensive trinket, eventually proceeding to charm the pants off the young lady. Just like real life, guys. Check out the ad:

On the ski-lift, the Gear bro shows her how he can make phone calls using the watch and even talk in to his hand, you know, like a Secret Service agent. He also makes her dictate her number to the Gear and saves it. Smooth, we must say. Once on the ski-slopes, he goes on to take photos and videos of her slaloming down. Entering slightly creepy territory now.

Back at the resort and Gear hero bumps into the girl again and woos her by receiving her call, finding out names of wine bottles and even impresses her by finding the phone he dropped when using the remote alarm feature. Of course, to create the right mood, the hero finishes off with some romantic music using his Gear.

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Are you geared up for this ad?

The other guy, meanwhile, is naturally not so cool and is a clumsy person. After dropping his phone from the ski lift, he loses it again in the resort and is generally a jealous person, seeing as he’s been usurped by a smart watch. So then a Galaxy Gear is a cure for clumsiness and gets you the girl too! Does it get any more generic and cliched than this? Oh, we’ll wait for the next Samsung ad to prove us wrong.


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