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Samsung Gear Live teardown reveals Snapdragon 400 processor, compact internals


Device teardowns are as common as new smartphone releases from Samsung, with every important new device undergoing the screw driver treatment soon after launch. The Gear Live, Samsung’s Android Wear smartwatch debut (and also one of the only two available Android Wear smartwatches), was opened up by the expert folks over at AnandTech and compared to the G Watch, the first smartwatch from Samsung’s home competitor, giving us a look at the insides of the two tiny smart devices.

One of the surprising revelations was that both the Gear Live and G Watch are powered by the same Snapdragon 400 processor we’ve seen on countless mid-range devices, though naturally the chip is downclocked, and probably uses only one of the four available cores at any given time. The use of the same chip on both watches is a good sign that Google is taking fragmentation with Android Wear seriously, and could heavily limit what modifications can be made to smartwatches running its wearables platform.

AnandTech also found the Gear Live’s internal circuitry to be more compact, which can be attributed to Samsung’s experience in the smartwatch market. Check out the source link for more details, and let us know if you are planning to buy the Gear Live when it launches on July 11.


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