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Samsung Galaxy Note7 Release: 7 Things to Know Right Now

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New render showing off the Galaxy Note 6 or Note 7 Design

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 rumors have continued to arrive at a fast pace, and now we have even more details for buyers. From the release date and launch, specs, features and more. At this point most rumors are pointing to it being called the Galaxy Note 7, and here’s what you need to know right now about Samsung’s new curved smartphone.

The Galaxy Note 5 was one of Samsung’s best in 2015. With plenty to offer, a great design, and lots of features. However, the new Galaxy S7 lineup is even better, and returned many missing features users want in a phone. Many of which will likely accompany the new Galaxy Note later this year.

In August of 2015 the Galaxy Note 5 was announced and released, which was nearly two months earlier than prior models. Then, earlier this year Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S7 in February, and released it in March. A full month ahead of expectations. Below is what we know as of now, and what the Galaxy S7 release tells us about the Note 6.

Given what we’ve seen from Samsung over the past couple of years combined with the new Galaxy S7, we have a pretty clear idea of what to expect. And while things are subject to change and nothing is official yet, it’s safe to assume most of what is detailed below to be close if not accurate. Countless new leaks have appeared recently stating many of the details we’ve mentioned below, as well as a purported release date.

Update: Newly leaked images provided by SamMobile appear to confirm the launch date, name, and design. Suggesting it will indeed be the Galaxy Note 7, launch on August 2nd in New York City, and have a curved display. With the announcement image below stating, “The next Edge is just around the corner.”


The image also has what’s clearly an outline for the number seven, as reports suggest Samsung will skip the Note 6 and call it the Galaxy Note 7 to match the current Galaxy lineup. Rather than buyers thinking it’s an older model. SamMobile also reportedly found evidence of both a regular Galaxy Note 7, and an Edge model, so we could get both options again this year.

Update #2: With a release date quickly approaching more leaks and rumors are surfacing. Below is a video showing off the Galaxy Note 7 design based on leaked images and details. It might not be 100% accurate, but it’s the best looking 3D rendering or concept video we’ve seen yet.

Many Samsung users have already started assuming what will complete the Galaxy Note 7. We’ve also seen “7” mentioned enough (and in new images) that we’re assuming that will be the name. Key features that returned with the Galaxy S7 like the micro-SD slot, IP68 dust and water resistance, a bigger battery, and a similar overall design as last year. It’s highly plausible that this is exactly what will happen, and lately more and more rumors are surfacing suggesting exactly that, and more. Here’s what buyers need to know.

Similar Design & IP68 Water Resistant

The same approach Samsung took to the Galaxy S7 design will probably roll over to the Galaxy Note 7. There could be subtle changes to how it looks, a different S-Pen stylus like earlier reports, or other things, but overall the new Note should be very similar to the Note 5.

That being an all aluminum and glass design, although we’re hoping it’s only aluminum on the back for added durability. Not the glass back that’s more fragile like the Galaxy S7. A thinner design with less of a camera bulge, and more. Samsung could again stick to a familiar design, which will allow for improvements to the software, stylus, camera, battery, add IP68 dust and water resistance, and possible other things.

Note 5

Recently a big leak has reportedly “confirmed” the Galaxy Note 6 will be IP68 dust and water resistant up to 5ft for over 30 minutes, similar to the Galaxy S7. It makes a lot of sense that Samsung would move all the key changes that’s seeing success with the S7 to the Note 6. Samsung can do this without covering ports with flaps, or sealing things off, but there may need to be a redesign of the stylus. At the same time, another leak states it will be IP67 certified, as the S-Pen stylus will prevent it from receiving an IP68 certification. It should still handle water just fine.

Lately lot of information has surfaced about the Galaxy Note 6 or Note 7. The popular leaksters at uSwitch received reliable information and schematics for the new phone, and put together the render below. Potentially giving us our first unofficial look at Samsung’s new phablet.

According to their report, sources and photo/video the new Galaxy Note will be a find blend between the Galaxy S7 Edge and last years Note 5. Adding in the curved edges, refined and polished design, USB Type-C and a bigger display. The video above comes from blueprints for the phone, which in the past have been 100% accurate from this leakster, but the final product could vary slightly.


For now we don’t know too much, but it’s safe to say the Galaxy Note 6 will look extremely similar to last years Note 5, with cues from the Galaxy S7 Edge and  be better in every way. Just as the company did with the S6 and S7 release.

Reports suggest there will not be a successor to the Galaxy S6 Edge+. The Galaxy S7 Edge is almost the same size. Instead, we are hearing Samsung has yet to decide what to offer. Two Galaxy Note 6 variants are being tested. One with a flat 5.8-inch screen, and another model with a curved 5.8-inch display. We could get both, or just one. This leak suggests one Galaxy Note 7 with a curved display.

Bigger Quad-HD Display

Last year the Galaxy S6 was 5.1-inches, and the Note 5 (and S6 Edge+) were 5.7-inches, a clear difference in size. For 2016 though, we have a 5.5-inch Galaxy S7 Edge, so the typical screen size for the Note 6 doesn’t make sense. Instead, rumor has it Samsung will offer a 5.8-inch display with smaller bezels, keeping the device the same physical size. Reports are back and forth on if the screen will be curved or not.

Earlier in February a report claimed the Note 6 would be 5.8-inches, and now that’s been somewhat confirmed by anonymous sources. All said and done, with a 5.5-inch Galaxy S7 Edge, Samsung needs to offer something slightly bigger in the Note 6 to appeal to buyers, or those seeking an upgrade. If Samsung can keep the design nearly identical, slim out the bezels, and add a bigger screen, the Note 6 will be one excellent smartphone.

Update: It’s worth noting that another report surfaced at the end of May, re-confirming reports that Samsung will indeed call it the Galaxy Note 7, not the Galaxy Note 6. This report goes on to mention it will feature a 5.8-inch curved display, similar to the Galaxy S7 Edge. We’re hearing Samsung will release one model, not two, with a curved screen. While the Galaxy S7 Edge is a great phone, many chose it for the bigger screen and longer battery life, not necessarily the curved screen. I, for one, would like to see both a flat and curved Galaxy Note 6 or Galaxy Note 7.

Note 7 Iris (Eye) Scanner

Over the course of the past few years we’ve heard multiple reports, leaks and rumors that Samsung is working on a brand new technology for smartphones. A Retina or Iris scanner to replace or be an alternate to fingerprint technology. Simply looking at the phone will unlock it, once it scans and confirms a users Retina or Iris.

It sounds like something out of a James Bond or Mission Impossible movie, but it could finally be coming. We heard it would debut on the Galaxy S7, but obviously didn’t. On May 25th Samsung released its first device with an Iris Eye Scanner for improved security, a business or government tablet for India, which could be a soft-launch before integrating the technology into its upcoming phablet.


Above is an image reported by SamMobile, which reportedly confirms the Iris Eye Scanner is in the works. It shows that Samsung has ordered “Iris Cam” parts for an upcoming device. There’s no specific mention of the Note 6, and now we know it’s being used in a tablet. That device has it located on the back, which could be a sign that it’s another year or so away from being in smaller smartphones like a Galaxy Note or Galaxy S.

As June continues more information is surfacing about the Galaxy Note 6 or Note 7. A report from the Korea Herald states their sources have confirmed the phone will have an Iris scanner from a company called Patron. The sensor is capable of instantly reading and recognizing over 260 traits in each users eye, compared to barely 40 in a fingerprint. If accurate, the new Note could be a very secure smartphone.

While we’re talking about the software, another leak from SamMobile claims to have confirmed a new Samsung “Focus” app that’s similar to the BlackBerry Hub, but that’s all we know about it for now. Expect it and much more to complete the new Note 6.

Micro-SD Slot

Just like the Galaxy S6 the Galaxy Note 5 didn’t have a micro-SD slot to expand storage, or a removable battery. Two features everyone loved from the S5 and Galaxy Note 4. Samsung quickly learned that buyers want expandable storage, and returned it on the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge earlier this year. It’s inside the SIM card tray.


It’s fair to assume the Note 6 will have a micro-SD card for storage expansion, and possibly even more than 32GB of internal storage. Samsung recently started mass producing 256GB internal storage chips, which could debut on the Galaxy Note 6. That would be impressive, but also do away with the need for a micro-SD slot. We’ll either see a Galaxy Note 6 with tons of storage, or a base model offering a micro-SD slot so owners can choose to expand storage if needed. Making it more feature-complete than last years Note 5.

Galaxy Note 7 Specs

The Galaxy Note lineup is know for being the best of Samsung. Big screens, powerful processors, and it’s released further in the year with the latest cutting edge technology. Even if it arrives early this year, the Note 6 will be very powerful. With that in mind, below is what we could see from the Galaxy Note 6 based on previous phones and upgrade cycles, what’s available now, rumors, and what rumors suggest.

Also, latest reports suggest the new Note will in fact arrive with Android 6.0 Marshmallow, not Android N, as Google’s yet to release it. Both are coming this summer, but most likely Samsung won’t have enough time to launch with Android 7.0 N, unless something big changes between now and the launch.

Galaxy Note 7 Specs (Speculation & Rumors)

  • 5.8-inch 2560 x 1440 Quad-HD Display (Might be curved)
  • Samsung Exynos 8-core Processor with 6GB of RAM (US may have Snapdragon 823)
  • 36/64GB Storage with micro-SD support to expand storage
  • Android 6.0 Marshmallow (possibly Android “N”)
  • 12 DualPixel Camera with IOS (improved software, features)
  • 5-8 MP Front Camera with f/1.7 aperture
  • Premium all metal design
  • Fingerprint Scanner, Samsung Pay, USB Type-C
  • Iris Eye Scanner technology
  • Integrated S-Pen Stylus (no fold out kickstand stylus like rumored)
  • 4,000 mAh Battery with Fast Charge, Fast Wireless Charging (or 4,200 mAh)
  • IP68 dust and water resistant (or IP67 Resistant)
  • more

It’s quite the list, but everything mentioned above is highly possible for the Galaxy Note 6 or Note 7. Samsung typically uses its own processors, adds more RAM, the latest tech, and its slightly better than the Galaxy S in most areas.

Near the end of May Samsung attended a mobile solutions forum event, in which they unveiled a smaller, more efficient 10nm LDPPR4 RAM module for smartphones with 6GB of RAM. Most likely this faster and better RAM, along with the higher 6GB amount, will debut in the Note 6.

The Galaxy S7 has a new 12 “Dual Pixel” camera, and it was extremely impressive in our full review. Using a new Dual Pixel technology for fast auto-focus, improved low light, and a fast f/1.7 aperture. A big leak from GSMHelpDesk claims it will be 12 DualPixels again, but better than the S7 with more features, options and advanced controls.

For now nothing is “confirmed” but the list above could be close to accurate. The GSM leak states that there will indeed be a 4,000 mAh battery, which is nice but newer leaks are saying 4,200 mAh. Samsung increased the Galaxy S7 from 2,550 (on S6) to 3,000 mAh and 3,600 mAh in the Galaxy S7 Edge. Comparing that to the 3,000 mAh in the Note 5, we could see something much bigger later this year in the Note 6. The new S7 Active has a large 4,000 mAh battery, so it’s possible. SamMobile recently confirmed the Note 6 will have USB Type-C and possibly launch with a new Samsung Gear VR2.

Galaxy Note 7 Release Date

The Galaxy Note 5 was released two months earlier than the model before it, and now in 2016 the Galaxy S7 arrived a month faster than last year. If that track record tells us anything, Samsung will deliver the Galaxy Note 6 earlier this year than ever before. In fact, back in May an analyst predicted the Note 6 would be announced in July, beating Apple to market, and follow the trend of an earlier release than the year before. Other sources are claiming something similar.


Samsung will want to beat the new iPhone 7 to market, which usually arrives in September, although we’re hearing this year Apple could release it earlier too. Even if they do, Samsung should be on track to unveil the Galaxy Note 7 in early August, or possibly even sooner. Above is the announcement for the Note 5, which was Thursday, August 13th. It was released two weeks later.

Recently the highly accurate and popular leakster Evan Blass claims to know the release date for the US market. According to him it will be released around August 15th. Aligning perfect with our reports above.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 US release scheduled for week of August 15th.

— Evan Blass (@evleaks) May 11, 2016

To take that report even further, on June 2nd Evan Blass posted that the Galaxy Note 6/7 launch event is almost exactly two months away. Meaning it will likely be unveiled in New York City around August 2nd or 4th (Tuesday or Thursday, similar to past events) then be released shortly after. Near the top of the page we added a new leaked image that reportedly confirms August 2nd, and one report claims it will be released the same day. We’ll have to wait and see.

Again, nothing is remotely official yet, but given everything we’ve seen from Samsung over the past few years suggests the above information is rather accurate. An improved yet similar design, big display, water resistance, micro-SD slot, a bigger battery, and running the latest version of Android.

Oddly enough a recent report claims Samsung will skip the “6” and call it the Galaxy Note 7, simply for marketing as some will assume it’s an older model than the new Galaxy S7. The name doesn’t matter too much, it’s the features, design, curved display and release date we all want to know.

Google’s already confirmed Android N will be released this summer, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 could run it, but that’s doubtful. We’ll have to wait and see how it all lines up. The wait is almost over so stay tuned for more details.

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