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Russian government dumps iPad in favor of Samsung tablets

Samsung logo booth 1 360x270 1The U.S. government might still be hanging on to BlackBerry and only just starting to take a look at Samsung devices as potential replacements, but over in Russia, the Korean manufacturer has managed a considerable win as the country’s government has adopted Samsung tablets and dropped the use of Apple’s iPads. The move reportedly took place “not so long ago” and will offer tighter security to protect sensitive information. ”Some of the information at government meetings is confidential in nature and these devices fully meet these demands and have gone through the strictest system of certification,” said Nikolai Nikiforov, Minister of Communications and Mass Media of Russia.

It isn’t specifically mentioned if the Samsung tablets were adopted due to the company’s KNOX feature, which provides a controlled and secure environment on smartphones and tablets for storing and accessing important information in enterprise and government fields, but it most likely is the reason behind the switch, as otherwise Android is no more secure than iOS or any other mobile OS out there. Russian officials denied that the swap is an effort to stop supporting American companies following sanctions related to the Ukrainian crisis, or an attempt to prevent snooping from the NSA.
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