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Ronaldo lifting the euro 2016 trophy turned into the top second globally on facebook

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This year’s UEFA European Championship in France was one of the most talked about sporting events ever on Facebook, with Cristiano “Ronaldo lifts the trophy” being the top moment (globally) in the final match.

The Euro 2016 tournament saw 195 million people having 950 million interactions from June 10 to July 10.

The Final of the UEFA European Championship had 45 million people having 146 million interactions, the social networking giant said in a statement on Monday.

The top five moments in the match (globally) were “Ronaldo lifts the trophy” on the first spot, “Éder’s goal” on second while “Final whistle” was at the third spot, followed by “Ronaldo goes off injured” and “Kick off” at the fourth and fifth spots, respectively in the final match.

Ronaldo not only topped the list of “Most discussed players in the final” (53 per cent) but also topped the “Most discussed players in Portugal” (44 per cent) and “Most discussed players in the France” (51 per cent) lists as well.

Pepe (10 per cent), Nani (seven per cent), Dimitri Payet (six per cent) and Ricardo Quaresma (five per cent) made it to the “Most discussed players in the final” list.

Dimitri Payet (12 per cent), Moussa Sissoko (eight per cent), Olivier Giroud (four per cent) and Pepe (four per cent) were among “Most discussed players in France”.

Ricardo Quaresma (10 per cent), Pepe (six per cent), Éder (five per cent) and Dimitri Payet (five per cent) were “Most discussed players in Portugal” after Ronaldo.


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