Report: Galaxy Gear 2 to feature considerably different design, flexible display

The Galaxy Gear, unlike what the critics say, is a rather nice smartwatch, but when it comes to the design, it is rather uninspired. Samsung has acknowledged that they could have done better and are working on making the Galaxy Gear 2 more fashionable, and according to ZDNet, the Gear 2 will also feature a radically different design than its predecessor, with all the “dull and boring parts” improved to make the smartwatch look more attractive. Furthermore, the display will be a flexible OLED unit – many had expected to see a flexible display on the Galaxy Gear but that didn’t come to pass, and it looks like Samsung will be rectifying that in the next iteration of the smartwatch.
According to the report, the Galaxy Gear 2 will be officially unveiled sometime in March or April. With the Galaxy S5 also expected to be announced in March, it’s likely the Galaxy Gear 2 will make an appearance alongside the company’s next flagship, and we’ll certainly be impatiently waiting to see what improvements and changes Samsung makes to its second-generation smartwatch.


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