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Redmi Writing Pad with Stylus is now Available in India for Rs 599

Redmi Writing Pad  Launched In India: Xiaomi is already offering affordable tablets for everyday use and entertainment in the form of the Redmi Pad and the new Xiaomi Pad 5. With the advent of the low-cost Redmi Note Pad, the company is now trying to appeal to students. Xiaomi offers a digital notebook with a pen for Rs 599 starting price.

Redmi Writing Pad Is Now Available

The Redmi Writing Pad has an 8.5-inch LCD screen for taking notes, drawing doodles, or scribbling. In the package, you’ll get a stylus that allows pressure-sensitive writing. It will enable you to modify the stroke size by changing the pressure you apply when drawing or writing.

Furthermore, since the LCD panel here does not produce light, Redmi claims that it is kind to our eyes, unlike smartphones, which may induce screen fatigue after a while. As a result, it is suitable for use by youngsters, who can easily transport it (it weighs 90 grams). You also don’t have to be concerned about its construction since Xiaomi uses ABS plastic for the body.

This digital writing pad is ideal for folks who prefer to make to-do lists before beginning their day. It has a little orange button at the bottom that, when pressed, clears the screen and allows you to take new notes. In addition, as indicated in the figure below, the pad has a cavity at the top right edge to hold the stylus.

The Redmi pad, like other digital writing pads on the market, has a lock function to freeze the material written or drawn on the screen. When the lock switch is turned on, no one will be able to erase the content by pushing the orange button. It also includes quickly changing the rechargeable button battery, which should last up to 20,000 pages.

You probably think that many digital writing pads are available on Amazon at even lower prices. So, why should you choose Xiaomi’s product? Well, I suggest you go with them since they give about the same functionality for less than half the price. 

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