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PUBG Mobile Season 13 Spotted with Power Rangers Skin!

Pubg mobile season 13 spotted with power rangers skin!

PUBG Mobile has become very popular among users. To improve the experience of the users, the company is constantly trying to introduce something new. In this sequence, the company introduced PUBG Season 12 shortly before. At the same time, now Season 13 has also been spotted online. According to the news, this upcoming season of PUBG can be introduced as Toy Playground. This season, as the name suggests, will be based on the Toy theme. It will feature Lego-themes, colorful guns, and character skins. This character skins can be like super-hero Power Rangers.According to a YouTuber named Mr.Ghost Gaming, Season 13 of PUBG can be introduced as Toy Playground. The weapons and weapons given in it will look like toys. Vector gun and pistol can be seen in the video released by YouTuber. At the same time, the character screen based on the Power Ranger theme is also appearing in the video. Players can also get a new AUG screen at PUBG Mobile Season 13 Royale Pass. Also, the level 3 helmet skin is also expected to be given.

In this video, a special tribal set has been given which has a skull mask. Apart from this, many new voice chat options are also appearing in this video. However, no official confirmation has been made by the company regarding any of the above information.

PUBG received the update: A few days ago the company rolled out a 6.3 update. Many features were added to it. Also, it saw many major changes in Team Deathmatch mode. In Team Deathmatch mode, some bugs were fixed through this update. This included re-balancing. Apart from this, weapons were also provided.


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