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OnePlus 3 vs OnePlus 3T: Here are 5 differences between the two flagships


Last night Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus announced a souped up version of the OnePlus 3 called the OnePlus 3T. While it is a hardware upgrade more than anything else, there are a couple of new cosmetic bits added to the mix as well. However, one detail to note here is that the OnePlus 3T is a OnePlus 3 replacement. This means that going forward, you will have to spend a little more (roughly Rs 29,722 for the 64GB model) and purchase a OnePlus 3T. A forced upgrade to the OnePlus 3T may be the situation for international customers (as it has been out of stock for long), but so far Amazon.in still has the OnePlus 3 in stock.

So what will old OnePlus 3 users be missing out? If you ask us, there really isn’t much:

No it’s not the metal that the OnePlus 3T is made of, but just a new colour option. But considering that the OnePlus 3 sells in just two, the new darker version of Graphite will be a welcomed move. The new and improved OnePlus 3T when it arrives should be available in Gunmetal first and then the Soft Gold version that is already available with the OnePlus 3.

Snapdragon 821
The sole reason why you should be excited about the OnePlus 3 is indeed the new Snapdragon 821 chipset inside. The new chipset on the OnePlus 3T is clocked higher (2.35GHz) than the standard 821 (in the Pixel) so this one could showcase a noticeable performance bump. Another reason to be excited about this new chipset as compared to the 820, is that it is Daydream capable. So VR-fans, you can finally upgrade to a VR-ready smartphone, that not just more powerful than the Google Pixel, but should cost half the price when it arrives in India.

A bigger battery
While we got a good enough nine plus hours in our review of the OnePlus 3, the new 3T packs in something bigger. The 3,000mAh battery gets upgraded to 3,400mAh battery so we should see some improved  standby times and battery life as well. A bigger battery could also be in place for graphics heavy applications like Daydream which will sip more power from the smartphone. So in every way this is a good move. I have one question, why couldn’t this upgrade have come with the earlier model if it fits in the same chassis as the previous one?

If you were not satisfied by the selfies on the OnePlus 3, the 3T has got you covered. OnePlus has upgraded the front-facing camera from an 8MP unit to a 16MP unit and it packs in improved low light performance as well. The 16MP camera on the back gets an upgrade as well even though it is a minor one. There is a new sapphire lens cover that should now protect it well from damage and scratches.

If you have always found yourself running out of storage and 64GB really does not suit your needs, OnePlus 3T is your answer. OnePlus for once has upped the storage capacity and now offers both 64GB and 128GB versions with new model. With that said, those who love to to run multiple custom ROMs on their OnePlus devices will now find the new storage option (priced at roughly Rs 32,430) a great move.

The OnePlus 3T in Soft Gold

Should you upgrade?

The Outsider
If you’re coming from the iOS ecosystem or from another Android smartphone brand, it makes sense to skip over a Pixel for the OnePlus 3T. The 3T is cheaper, more powerful and minus the instant software updates, also packs in an almost stock-like user interface.

The OnePlus fan
If you’re a OnePlus fan, I still would not recommend an upgrade unless VR is really your thing or you have been waiting for the first Daydream-ready handset to launch after the Pixel that is priced at a premium. Moreover VR or Daydream today is not a necessity or something that is needed to interact with the smartphone, so it is in every way a choice. The performance bump from a 820 to the 821 may be noticeable, but everything else is pretty much the same.

The Nexus user
With the Nexus brand officially dead and the Pixel taking over with a premium price, the OnePlus 3T makes for a great option. It offers an interface similar to the Nexus series and minus the quick updates, it’s more powerful than the best Nexus and the new Pixel as well. You also get a 16MP front-facing camera and a similar sized battery.

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