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Nothing Phone (2) Design Reveals: A Closer Look at the Design Changes

The world of smartphones is constantly evolving, with new models being released every year. The Nothing Phone (2) has garnered significant attention among the highly anticipated devices due to numerous teases and leaks. Although the official release is yet to come, Nothing has offered a glimpse of its design, showcasing subtle modifications that set it apart. Let’s examine the intriguing design changes of the upcoming Nothing Phone (2) in this article.

Nothing Phone (2) Teaser Reveals

As usual, Nothing took to Twitter to provide tantalizing glimpses of the Phone (2)’s front and rear. While these images may not showcase a drastic design overhaul, they still pique curiosity. Notably, Carl Pei, the mastermind behind Nothing, has decided to retain the eye-catching semi-transparent design that garnered attention in the previous iteration.

Curved Edges and Unique Features

Upon closer inspection, one can observe that the back of the Nothing Phone (2) now boasts curved edges, deviating from the prevailing trend of flat-edged designs. This subtle alteration might relieve individuals who prefer a more ergonomic feel in their handsets. Furthermore, the divisive yet alluring Glyph Interface, distinguishing the Nothing brand, remains a prominent feature. The teaser picture also confirms the utilization of a 100% recyclable aluminium frame, aligning with Nothing’s commitment to sustainability.

An Illuminating Change

One intriguing modification hinted at in a previous leak is the potential use of tiny LED lights instead of a continuous strip. While an alternative appearance could have been interesting, Nothing seems determined to maintain its distinctiveness. This characteristic sets the brand apart in the crowded smartphone market.

The Shift in Display

The Nothing Phone (2) introduces a notable change regarding the display. The punch-hole, previously located in the upper left corner of the screen on the Phone (1), has now been repositioned to the centre. This alteration aims to provide a more balanced and immersive viewing experience. The display is expected to be a generous 6.7 inches wide, featuring an AMOLED panel with a refresh rate of up to 120Hz, ensuring smooth and vibrant visuals.

Nothing OS 2.0: Personalization and Usability

Aside from the hardware upgrades, Nothing also offers a glimpse into its upcoming user interface (UI), known as Nothing OS 2.0. The company emphasizes personalization and usability, aiming to provide a seamless and intuitive user experience. Further details regarding Nothing OS 2.0 will be unveiled during the official launch, building anticipation for the innovative software features accompanying the Phone (2).

Power and Battery Upgrades

Under the hood, the Nothing Phone (2) is set to impress with its powerful specifications. It will be equipped with the high-end Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 CPU, ensuring optimal performance for multitasking and resource-intensive applications. A larger 4,700mAh battery will support extended usage, capable of fast and wireless charging. These enhancements will provide users with a reliable and long-lasting smartphone experience.

Camera Improvements and Beyond

Rumors suggest that the Nothing Phone (2) might sport impressive 50MP rear cameras, accompanied by upgrades to enhance photography capabilities. Furthermore, there are whispers of potential satellite communication features, adding an exciting element to the device’s versatility. If proven true, these rumored enhancements will position the Nothing Phone (2) as a formidable contender in the competitive smartphone landscape.

Nothing Phone (2) Pricing

Currently, pricing details for the Nothing Phone (2) remain a well-guarded secret. However, speculations hint at a possible significant price increase, leaving users questioning its justification. All uncertainties surrounding the device will be put to rest on July 11, when comprehensive information about the Nothing Phone (2) will be officially revealed. Excitement mounts as fans eagerly await the official announcement.


The Nothing Phone (2) has created a buzz within the smartphone industry due to its unique design and good features. With subtle yet impactful modifications, such as curved edges and the intriguing use of tiny LED lights, Nothing aims to deliver an aesthetically pleasing and distinctive handset. Combined with powerful hardware, user-friendly software, and potential camera and communication upgrades, the Nothing Phone (2) holds the potential to be a compelling choice for tech enthusiasts seeking innovation and style.

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