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Note 4 to reportedly introduce several new software features: aqua capture, smart fingerprint and more


The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 isn’t expected to be formally unveiled until later this year at IFA 2014, but that’s not stopping the rumor mill from spitting out a few possible details about what to expect from Samsung’s next big flagship. Earlier this week the first bit of Note 4 ‘news’ came with a new report from GSM Arena that claimed the device will be powered by a 5.7-inch QHD display. Now SamMobile is chiming in with additional details about the handset, this time focusing on the software side of things.
According to SamMobile’s sources, Samsung is currently testing out a few new software features utilizing Galaxy S5 hardware, with plans to debut the features on the next-gen Galaxy Note. Unfortunately the sources aren’t exactly forthcoming about what these new software features do.

Samsung is currently testing out a few new software features with plans to debut these changes with the next-gen Galaxy Note

First up, there’s a new “Swipe to Launch Motion Launcher”, which is believed to be somewhat similar to the HTC One M8’s Motion Launcher feature. If Samsung does follow HTC’s lead, that means the feature could use swiping gestures on the screen to wake the display, launch the camera and more.
Next, we have Smart Fingerprint. SamMobile’s best guess is that this could be a way to customize actions when a finger print is scanned, which makes sense to us. The big takeaway here is that Samsung is giving up on fingerprint scanners just yet.

Aside from this, the Note 4 will also reportedly feature an Aqua Mode and a Multi Network for Booster. The former of these is likely just an enhanced version of the Aqua mode on the GS4 Active, which made it possible to take photos underwater. This could indicate that the Galaxy Note 4 will have even better water resistance than the GS5. As for the Multi-Network for Booster? Odds are this could simply be the Download Boaster feature found in the Galaxy S5.

While none of these software features are explained in detail, it does hint that the Galaxy Note 4 will follow in a similar direction to the Galaxy S5 and that means a fingerprint reader as well as water/dust resistance. Let’s just hope Samsung does a bit more in terms of UI redesign and aesthetics if they want to make a better first impression than the Galaxy S5 did.

Are you excited for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, or largely unimpressed by Samsung’s direction as of late?

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