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Motorola Revou 2 Smart TV Series and 4-in-1 Convertible ACs Officially Launched in India

Motorola has announced the launch of a new smart TV range and a smart convertible AC series in India at competitive rates. The Motorola Revou 2 Smart TV range has sophisticated technologies like MEMC, Dolby Vision compatibility, and more, while the convertible AC includes fast cooling, environmental sensors, and more. Let’s have a look at each of the items listed below.

Motorola Revou 2 Smart TV Series Specs and Features

Starting with the smart TV range, the new Motorola Revou 2 series replaces the 2020 Revou and 2021 Revou-Q series.

The Revou 2 Smart TV line comprises models with Ultra HD, Full HD, and HD displays. Dolby Vision and HDR 10 are supported by all three models. Furthermore, the Revou 2 TVs include a dedicated Auto Low Latency Mode to provide a lag-free and seamless gaming and entertainment viewing experience (ALLM). Motion Estimation and Motion Compensation (MEMC) technology is also supported to decrease blurring and keep fast-moving pictures smooth.

Because the Revou 2 TVs are powered by Android 11, customers may access 7,000+ applications, Fast Boot, and a unified search for a comprehensive home-entertainment experience. The TVs are powered by a quad-core MediaTek CPU and a dedicated GPU. There is 2GB of inbuilt RAM to facilitate gaming and other memory-intensive applications.

The Revou 2 TVs include Dolby Atmos-enabled 24W speakers for a theatre-like audio experience. In addition, all models feature dual-band Wi-Fi up to 5GHz.

Three sizes of HD/FHD versions are available, ranging from 32 to 43 inches. In contrast, the UHD version is available in 43-inch, 50-inch, and 55-inch sizes. The higher-end UHD Revou 2 TVs also have a reduced blue light function as well as an Advanced Eye Safe Mode, allowing viewers to watch material for longer periods.

Motorola’s Convertible AC Specs and Features

The Motorola Convertible AC is a serious rival to the recently announced India Realme ACs. It has 4-in-1 cooling for increased energy efficiency, allowing the user to adjust the AC’s capacity to meet their demands.

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The new Motorola AC also has environmental sensors to monitor the climate and provide maximum performance. According to the makers, it can cool even at 55 degrees Celsius and lower a room’s temperature down to 18 degrees Celsius in just 30 seconds.

The device also has a self-cleaning mechanism that blasts dry air inside the AC unit to keep it dust and bacteria-free. There is also an Econo mode, which allows users to use the AC in a power-saving mode. The AC is available in 1.5-ton 3-star split and 1.5-ton 5-star split models.

Price and Availability

The Revou 2 TV series is priced at Rs 13,999, while the new Motorola AC is priced at Rs 30,999. Here is the pricing for all of the models:

Motorola Revou 2 televisions

  • 32-inch HD TV: Rs 13,999; 40-inch Full HD TV: Rs 20,990
  • Rs 23,990 for a 43-inch Full HD display.
  • 43-inch/UHD: Rs 26,999 50-inch/UHD: Rs 31,990 55-inch/UHD: Rs 37,990

Convertible ACs from Motorola

  • Rs 30,999 for a 1.5 ton 3-star model.
  • Rs 35,999 for a 1.5 ton 5-star model.

They are only available on Flipkart. So, are you going to buy the new Motorola TVs or the ACs? Please share your ideas in the comments section below.

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  1. Really great these newly launched Smart TVs are! I am impressed that they have come fitted with the powerful and robust Mediatek proecssors.


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