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Microsoft Pays Out $10,000 for Automatic Windows 10 installation

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A real-estate agency from California sued Microsoft for a broken Windows 10 installation, and won $10,000 (around Rs 6.7 lakh)  in settlement, according to a report in the Seattle Times. The travel agent never authorized the upgrade. Once the new operating system was installed, the machine slowed down, would not work and was unusable for days. Customer support was not able to resolve the problems when contacted.

The travel agent took up the matter in court, seeking compensation from Microsoft over loss of earnings and the cost of getting a new computer. She won the case, and Microsoft was ordered to pay $10,000 for the damages. Microsoft didn’t appeal to avoid further litigation costs and decided to pay up. Windows 10 is offering free upgrades to users who have genuine versions of Windows 7 or Windows 8. The offer is only valid on the full versions of the operating system, not trial or introductory versions. The offer is valid till July 29, 2016. Microsoft has been very pushy with the upgrade, and updates to the upgrade.

Users can be locked out of their machines during the upgrade process and there are few options available to stop Windows 10 from making your machines unusable at times because of the upgrade and update process. Microsoft blogger Thurrott has termed the pushy upgrades from Microsoft as Upgradegate.

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