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LG Unveils Revolutionary Transparent OLED Displays ahead of CES 2022

At CES 2022, LG Display will debut its new Transparent OLED displays, including the OLED Shelf, Shopping Managing Showcase, Show Window, and Smart Window. The firm will demonstrate the customer experiences and values that the displays will bring to commonplace locations such as commercial establishments, offices, residences, and public transit.

The ‘OLED Shelf’ combines two Transparent OLED screens, one above the other, that hang off the wall and mix in with any living room design. In its Always on Display Mode, this may show TV programming or museum artwork.

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The ‘Shopping Managing Showcase’ is a Transparent OLED display housed within a wooden display stand that guarantees the finest shopping experience in opulent department shops. It can display eye-catching visual information on the screen that complements the items on sale behind it to better capture the attention of consumers and raise the atmosphere of the location.

The ‘Show Window’ features four 55-inch Transparent OLED displays designed to maximise the advertising potential of window displays by providing a more distinctive and informative shopping experience.

LG will also show off its ‘Smart Window,’ which is specifically intended for the office of the future. According to LG, the sophisticated Smart Window may help professional teams maximise their productivity by converting it into an expanded screen for video conferences, presentations, and entertainment without losing the open view of a typical glass window.

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In 2019, LG announced a 55-inch Transparent OLED panel with 40% transparency. In numerous ways, Transparent OLED technology makes use of OLED’s fully unique self-emitting characteristics.

In response to this, LG Display and Lee Hyeon-woo, Senior Vice President and Head of LG Display’s Life Display Business Group, said:

“Considering that Transparent OLED displays flaunt a slim design, high transparency and lightweight, they can be widely utilized for various industries. With our industry-leading Transparent OLED technology, we will continue to introduce innovative high-end solutions that allow our customers to enjoy unprecedented experiences.”

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