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LG Debuts New “OLED.EX” Display Technology to Improve Picture Quality

LG OLED.EX Display Technology: LG today announced OLED.EX, a new OLED TV display technology, ahead of CES 2022. The technology, which is an amalgam for “Evolution” and “eXperience,” is designed to improve overall image quality by increasing brightness by up to 30% over traditional OLED panels.

Detailed Information about LG’s New OLED.EX Technology

The new OLED.EX Display technology employs the core self-emissive property of an OLED panel, allowing for deeper blacks and more accurate colours. But that’s not the finest part. LG incorporates deuterium compounds with their technology to create extremely efficient organic light-emitting diodes. This can result in greater light emissions, which can increase picture quality, brightness, and colour accuracy without distortion.

LG has developed a novel method for extracting deuterium for this procedure because the element is two times heavier than hydrogen and only exists in trace amounts.

This is paired with LG’s tailored machine learning system to boost the technology’s efficiency. The programme can estimate how many organic light-emitting diodes will be used (up to 33 million) and adjust the display’s power output depending on user habits to make it more efficient.

Dr Oh Chang-ho, Executive Vice President and Head of the LG Display TV Business Unit, stated in an official blog post, “With our new OLED.EX technology, we aim to provide even more innovative, high-end customer experiences through the evolution of our OLED technology, algorithms, and designs.”

Furthermore, the new technology reduces the screen bezel size from 6mm to 4mm (for 65-inch OLED panels), allowing for a more immersive viewing experience. Starting in the second quarter of 2022, the LG OLED.EX display technology is planned to be included in OLED TVs.

LG has also confirmed that the new Transparent OLED solutions will be showcased at the next CES 2022 exhibition, which begins on January 5th. Stay tuned for our in-depth exploration of other display technologies and TVs.



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