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iPhone 6 goes on sale: First person in Australia to buy the device drops it on concrete

Iphone 6

Call it the jitters of holding the first iPhone 6 sold in the country or too much excitement, but an Aussie man dropped his new dainty iDevice while showing it off to reporters. A video that captured all of this has now gone viral.

Jack Cooksey from Perth, Australia is shown eagerly opening his box and show off the device to a television reporter and ends up dropping it on concrete. “Channel 9 Australia was interviewing Jack Cooksey, who according to the news organization was waiting on the line overnight for the Apple product, when he pulled the box open to show it,” reports USAToday.

The report further adds that the screen was slightly scratched. Now, we wonder if Samsung’s ad agency has taken note and already started working on its next spoof. The tragicomic video has already received over 1,704,400 hits.

The iPhone 6 went on sale across the globe yesterday. It was earlier expected to hit Indian markets in mid-October, but now the new iPhones are expected to not come until November.

October would be ideal considering this marks the beginning of the Indian festivities. Nevertheless, the delay hasn’t stopped some units from entering the grey market. A grey market punter tells us that a couple of iPhone 6 handsets reached the grey market and were sold at Rs 1,15,000.

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have received rave reviews from tech critics. Looks like, everyone is in love with the new Apple devices. iOS that run the new devices  is available for download in India. Read our iOS 8 review, to know more about the latest iOS iteration.

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