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iOS 18 AI Features: Only for the Newest iPhones

Discover the groundbreaking iOS 18 AI features exclusively tailored for the latest iPhone models. Get ready for an immersive experience as Apple unveils advanced AI capabilities designed to elevate user interaction and performance. Explore how these cutting-edge features are reshaping the landscape of smartphone technology for iPhone enthusiasts.

Introduction to iOS 18 and AI Features

The highly anticipated iOS 18 will introduce a host of cutting-edge AI features exclusively for Apple’s latest iPhone models. With the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2024 scheduled for June 10, Apple enthusiasts are buzzing with excitement about the potential enhancements in AI capabilities.

Apple’s Approach to AI Processing

Apple is poised to leverage a combination of on-device and cloud processing for its AI functionalities. However, not all iPhone models will have the capability for on-device processing. The new AI features are reserved for users of flagship devices, particularly the iPhone 15 Pro, iPhone 15 Pro Max, and the upcoming iPhone 16 series.

Compatibility with iPhone Models

According to insights from Mark Gurman’s recent newsletter, on-device AI features will be supported by Apple’s latest A17 Pro chipset, introduced with the iPhone 15 Pro models in September 2023. This chipset represents a significant leap in performance, boasting 8GB integrated RAM, faster CPU, and GPU cores, and a powerful sixteen-core Neural Engine capable of handling up to 35 trillion operations per second.

Exclusivity and Upgrade Considerations

The exclusivity of iOS 18’s AI features raises questions about the necessity of upgrading to the latest “Pro” iPhone models. While the allure of advanced AI capabilities is undeniable, many users may hesitate to upgrade solely for this purpose, especially if they already own iPhone 15 or iPhone 14 Pro models.

Cloud-Based AI Features and OpenAI Partnership

iOS 18 will introduce cloud-based AI features in addition to on-device processing. Apple is reportedly in discussions with OpenAI for a partnership, indicating broader accessibility of AI functionalities across iOS 18-supported iPhone models.


The upcoming iOS 18 promises groundbreaking AI features that underscore Apple’s commitment to innovation. However, the exclusivity of these features to the latest iPhone models raises considerations about user adoption and upgrade motivations.

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