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India wants a Right To Repair Laws for Electronic Devices

India is planning to implement a Right to Fix framework that would allow consumers to readily repair devices such as mobile phones, tablets, consumer durables, and automobiles/automobile equipment. The goal is to empower individuals while also contributing to a more sustainable environment.

Is a Right to Repair Law on the Way in India?

The debate to implement a Right to Repair framework was led by Smt. Nidhi Khare, Additional Secretary, Department of Consumer Affairs in India, on July 13. Members of the debate were DoCA, the State Consumer Dispute Redressal Commission, and Consumer Activists & Consumer Organizations.

The fundamental issue, which is that businesses don’t give manuals so that customers may readily fix their items, was discussed during the conference. Additionally, it was observed that manufacturers are promoting a culture of “planned obsolescence,” which entails creating products that wear out rapidly and must be replaced. This raises expenses for everyone while also producing more e-waste.

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According to a news release from the Department of Consumer Affairs, “The aim of developing a framework on right to repair in India is to empower consumers and product buyers in the local market, harmonize trade between the original equipment manufacturers and the third-party buyers and sellers, emphasize on developing sustainable consumption of products and reduction in e-waste.

A Right to Repair statute will assist to alleviate this problem. It will provide users more freedom to fix items when needed and at a lower cost. And in India, “there exists a strong repair service industry and third party repairs, including those who cannibalize items to provide spare parts for the circular economy.”

The suggested framework is based on the LiFE (Lifestyle for Environment) campaign, which was just launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It promotes the reuse and recycling of numerous consumer items.

This follows the establishment of the Right to Repair initiative by the United States, the United Kingdom, and the European Union. Following this, companies such as Apple and Samsung made it possible for people to fix their gadgets at home at cheap pricing. India’s move in this way may make the procedure much easier for those who can do so easily. According to the Ministry, it will be “a game-changer both for the sustainability of the products and as well as serve as a catalyst for employment generation through Aatmanirbhar Bharat by allowing third-party repairs.

We still need to get additional information, such as when and if legislation is approved and how this will be dealt with in India, as this meeting is only the tip of the iceberg. As this topic is discussed more, more information will become available. Stay tuned, then. Do you believe we need a Right to Repair law? Please comment below with your opinions on this.

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