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Haptik texting customer support app arrives for Android and iOS

No phone calls; texting for customer support

A new app called Haptik has been launched with a view to putting an end to automated customer support machines, by employing texting instead. The app plans to give Indian ‘Customer Support’ a makeover by letting users chat with experts and get help with customer support issues, FAQs and information.

Haptik currently partners with 200 brands and employs over 20 agents who are available throughout the day to offer customer support. The app caters to brands across all categories like airlines, cinemas, electronics and applications, retail/e-commerce, health and more.

“Today messaging is the most used function on mobile, more than phone calling itself. The asynchronous nature makes it ideal for getting support as opposed to dealing with a call center. We’ve spent about a year getting the product ready specifically for the Indian market, based on feedback from thousands of beta users. Now we look forward to everyone in the country using it,” says Aakrit Vaish & Swapan Rajdev.

Basically, you sent out a text and the specific company representative will get in touch with you. The average response time to each message received is between 1 to 4 minutes, claims the company. Haptik experts are people who have either worked with the brand before or have used it extensively. So, users are not directly talking to these companies, but instead to people related to these companies.

The app has been launched for Android as well as iOS platforms, and can be downloaded from Google Play store and Apple App store, respectively.


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