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Google Pixel Tablet Launched with Tensor G2 Chip: A Closer Look

Google has finally revealed a heavily-leaked Pixel tablet. Teased first in Google I/O 2022, the company has finally unveiled its first-generation Android tablet at Google I/O 2023. Check out the details below to learn more about the Pixel tablet, packed with the Tensor G2 chip from last year, Chromecast, and much more.

Google Pixel Tablet: Features and Details

The Google Pixel Tablet boasts impressive specifications and features, making it a strong contender in the tablet market. Let’s take a closer look at what it has to offer.

Display and Design

The tablet feature a stunning 10.95-inch, 24-bit LCD display with a 16:10 aspect ratio, providing an immersive visual experience. With 500 nits of brightness, the screen ensures excellent visibility even in bright lighting conditions. Interestingly, the display resembles the Nest Hub display, further enhancing the continuity within Google’s ecosystem.

Additionally, the Pixel Tablet supports USI 2.0 touch pen compatibility, allowing users to take advantage of precise and responsive stylus input for note-taking, sketching, and more.


Google has equipped the Pixel Tablet with its powerful Tensor G2 chipset, offering exceptional performance and efficient multitasking capabilities. The Tensor G2 chip combines AI capabilities with optimized hardware to deliver a smooth and responsive user experience.

The tablet also incorporates the Titan M2 security chip, safeguarding user data and preventing vulnerabilities.

Regarding memory and storage, the Pixel Tablet has 8GB of RAM, enabling seamless multitasking and efficient app performance. Users can choose between storage options of up to 256GB of UFS 3.1 storage, providing sufficient space to store their files, documents, and multimedia content.


The Google Pixel Tablet is equipped with front and back cameras, each boasting 8 megapixels with an f/2.0 aperture. While the camera specifications may not compete with high-end smartphones, they can more than capture clear and vibrant photos.

Moreover, the Pixel Tablet inherits some of the advanced camera features in Pixel phones. Users can use features like Night Sight, which enhances low-light photography, Magic Eraser for removing unwanted objects from photos, and Photo Unblur for correcting blurred images. These features ensure that users can also capture stunning moments with their tablets.

Battery and Software

With a 27Wh battery, the Pixel Tablet offers a respectable battery life that can last through extended usage sessions. One interesting feature is the ability to charge the tablet while it is being used as a speaker, providing added convenience for users who rely on it for entertainment or productivity purposes.

Out of the box, the Pixel Tablet runs on Android 13, Google’s latest operating system iteration. Users can expect a clean and intuitive user interface and access to a wide range of apps and services available on the Android platform. Google has committed to providing 5 years of software updates for the Pixel Tablet, ensuring that users will continue to receive the latest features and security patches.

Additional Features

Apart from the impressive core specifications, the Google Pixel Tablet offers a variety of additional features that enhance its usability and versatility. The tablet includes a Hub mode, which allows users to transform it into a smart display similar to the Nest Hub. This feature lets users control their smart home devices, access information, and enjoy a hands-free experience.

The Pixel Tablet also supports Chromecast and Nearby Share, making it easy to stream content from compatible devices and share files with nearby devices seamlessly. Including a quad-speaker system ensures immersive audio quality, while the three array microphones facilitate clear voice recognition and communication. Bluetooth version 5.2 and an ultra-wideband radio chip further enhance connectivity options for users.

The tablet is available in three attractive colors: Hazel, Rose, and Porcelain, allowing users to choose a style that suits their preferences.

Availability and Price

There is currently no information regarding the availability of the Google Pixel Tablet in markets outside of the initial launch regions. While it has been introduced at Google I/O 2023, specific details about its availability in different countries, including India, remain undisclosed. It is expected that more information will be provided by Google soon, allowing potential customers to know when and where they can purchase the Pixel Tablet.

Regarding pricing, no official announcements have been made at this time. The price range will likely be determined by storage capacity and connectivity options. As more details emerge, interested buyers can assess the tablet’s value proposition and make informed purchasing decisions.


The Google Pixel Tablet with the powerful Tensor G2 chip has finally made its debut, offering a range of impressive features and specifications. From its high-quality display and responsive touch pen compatibility to its advanced camera capabilities and long-term software support, the Pixel Tablet is poised to provide users with a premium tablet experience.

The tablet offers versatility beyond standard usage with additional features like smart display functionality, Chromecast support, and a quad-speaker system. While details regarding availability and pricing are yet to be revealed, the Pixel Tablet has generated considerable excitement among tech enthusiasts and fans of the Google ecosystem.

As Google continues expanding its product lineup, the Pixel Tablet is a compelling addition, showcasing the company’s commitment to innovation and user-centric design.

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