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Google Bard 2024: Your Wishlist Matters – Share Your Input!

Google has recently unveiled its most powerful AI model, Gemini, to be released in December 2023. To empower Bard users, Google has also made Gemini Pro available for experimentation with the new AI model. With continuous upgrades to Bard, Google, in its pursuit to rival ChatGPT, introduces features like Google Bard Extensions and picture support. The company is now actively seeking user feedback on additional features for Bard in the upcoming year.

Google Bard Feature 2024 Wishlist

Chris Gorgolewski, a pivotal member of the Google Bard team, is leading the charge by encouraging users to post their feature requests on the Bard subreddit. Google is committed to enriching Bard’s capabilities to match and exceed ChatGPT’s. While the announcement of Gemini Ultra’s availability in Bard Advanced is exciting, users have a shared sentiment for more features to utilize the model’s potential fully.

Feature Requests

One of the most straightforward additions users are clamoring for is the ability to upload files with PDF summaries directly into Google Bard. Additionally, anticipation surrounds integrating complete multimodal functionality through the Gemini Pro device, allowing genuine visual analysis features akin to GPT-4V.

Reddit users have also voiced their opinions, suggesting features like integrating Bard with Google Assistant, enhancing contextual memory, addressing hallucination difficulties, and enabling picture production using Imagen 2. The demand for a standalone Bard app for Android and iOS has gained significant traction among the user community.

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Developer’s Perspective

Beyond the user community, developers desire Google Bard to generate better code. Speculation is rife that Bard Advanced customers might soon have access to Google DeepMind’s AlphaZero 2 model, providing enhanced AI coding assistance.

How to Contribute to Bard’s Evolution

If you have a feature request to enhance Google Bard, the call to action is clear – post your 2024 Bard Wishlist on Reddit with the community. Collaboration with the Google Bard team ensures a collective effort to shape the future of this AI model.


In conclusion, Google’s commitment to enhancing Bard is evident. The call for user feedback reflects a dedication to creating a feature-rich AI model that competes and surpasses its counterparts. As 2024 approaches, the anticipation for Bard’s evolution is palpable, promising exciting developments for users and developers alike.

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