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Genshin Impact Boosts Resin Cap: Why It Still Falls Short of Honkai Star Rail

Genshin Impact, a beloved action RPG, recently made waves with its latest Developer Discussion. Version 4.7 brings some unexpected quality-of-life (QoL) updates, most notably an increase in the Original Resin cap from 160 to 200. This move addresses a long-standing request from the community. However, when we compare this to Honkai Star Rail’s energy system, it’s clear that Genshin still has a bit of catching up to do. Let’s dive into the details and implications of these changes.

Background on Resin System in Genshin Impact

For the uninitiated, Resin in Genshin Impact functions as a stamina system. It’s a crucial resource for farming artifacts, domains, bosses, and more. Historically, the Resin cap has been a contention among players due to its limitations, impacting how much players can farm in a given period.

Details of the Resin Cap Increase

According to the latest Developer Discussion, the Genshin Impact team has finally listened to player feedback. The Original Resin cap is set to increase from 160 to 200. It means players will have more flexibility and less downtime waiting for Resin to regenerate, thus enhancing their overall gaming experience.

Comparison with Honkai Star Rail

While this update is a welcome change, it pales compared to Honkai Star Rail. In Honkai, the Trailblazing energy cap was recently raised from 180 to 240, with an overflow capacity that can save up to 2400 points. This system allows for greater flexibility and less wasted energy, making Genshin’s new cap seem modest.

Impact of the Update on Gameplay

So, what does this mean for Genshin Impact players? The increased Resin cap will allow more extended play sessions without hitting a hard stop. Players can farm more efficiently, gather more resources, and progress faster. This change will likely make daily tasks less restrictive and more rewarding.

Additional QoL Updates in Version 4.7

Version 4.7 isn’t just about Resin. The update also significantly increases the inventory limits for various materials. Weapon Enhancement materials now cap at 99,999, up from 9,999. Similarly, Forging Ores, Character EXP materials, and Artifact Enhancement Materials will see their caps rise from 2,000 to 9,999. The Friends list cap is expanding by 100, letting players connect with more friends in-game.

Introduction of Recommended Stats Feature

Another notable addition is the Recommended Stats feature in the Fast Equip menu. It will help players identify the best stats for their characters and optimize their artifact setups more efficiently—no more guesswork, just straightforward, optimal builds at their fingertips.

Speculation on the Motive Behind the Update

Why now? The looming release of Wuthering Waves, a game that allows players to fight bosses without a stamina cap, might have influenced Genshin’s decision. Competition often breeds innovation, which could be Genshin’s way of staying relevant and competitive.

Community Reactions

The Genshin community has responded positively overall, though there’s a consensus that this is just a start. Many players appreciate the increased Resin cap but hope for enhancements like a Resin overflow system similar to Honkai Star Rails.

Future Expectations

Players are hopeful that miHoYo will continue to improve the Resin system. Potential future updates include a Residual Resin reservoir or even more significant increases to the Resin cap. The community is also eager for additional QoL changes that could streamline gameplay and reduce grind fatigue.


In summary, Genshin Impact’s version 4.7 brings much-needed changes to the game. The increased Resin cap is a step in the right direction, even if it doesn’t quite match up to Honkai Star Rail’s system. In addition to increased inventory limits and the new Recommended Stats feature, these updates are set to enhance the overall player experience. While there’s always room for improvement, it’s clear that Genshin Impact is listening to its community and making strides towards a more player-friendly game.

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