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Deadpool 3 Update: Why the Expected Cameo Won’t Happen

The world of entertainment has been abuzz with anticipation over the forthcoming Deadpool 3 film, tantalizingly titled Deadpool and Wolverine. Fans worldwide have been eagerly awaiting any news, especially regarding the possible cameo appearances set to feature in this highly anticipated movie. However, recent revelations have dashed hopes of one particular cameo, leaving many fans disappointed and curious about the reasons behind it.

Vinnie Jones’ Interview Revelations

In a recent interview with Yahoo UK, Vinnie Jones, known for his roles in various cinema classics, delved into his cinematic history, including his portrayal of Juggernaut in the iconic X-Men movies. During the conversation, Jones candidly expressed his disappointment with the handling of his character in X-Men: The Last Stand, labeling it a “shambles.” He lamented that the character of Juggernaut deviated significantly from what he had initially signed up for.

Jones further revealed that although he holds a deep affection for the Deadpool franchise, he was unable to reprise his role as Juggernaut in Deadpool 2 due to budgetary constraints. Expressing his enthusiasm for the Deadpool series, he stated, “But Deadpool’s my favorite film of all f***ing time more or less. I really wanted to do it, but they didn’t have the budget to put me in the suit.”

Reflecting on the physical and mental toll of embodying Juggernaut, Jones explained the challenges he faced, stating, “I mean, it had its mental toll as well, because you’re in it and you can’t do anything all day, you can only drink through a straw. So we couldn’t strike the deal for Deadpool.”

Confirmation of Juggernaut’s Absence in Deadpool 3

With Jones’ candid revelations, it is now confirmed that the much-anticipated appearance of Juggernaut in Deadpool and Wolverine will not materialize. This revelation comes as a disappointment to fans who had eagerly anticipated witnessing the clash between Juggernaut and Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine in their original costumes.

Missed Opportunity for Juggernaut vs. Wolverine Showdown

The absence of Juggernaut from Deadpool 3 represents a missed opportunity for fans to witness an epic showdown between two iconic characters. The prospect of seeing Juggernaut pitted against Wolverine had sparked excitement among fans, making it one of the most anticipated aspects of the film.

Promised Cameos in Deadpool and Wolverine

Despite the absence of Juggernaut, fans can still look forward to a plethora of surprises in Deadpool 3. Karan Soni, known for his role as Dopinder in the Deadpool movies, teased fans with hints of unexpected appearances in the film. Speaking to Variety, Soni hinted, “There are lots of surprises. Let’s just say a lot of people traveled to London.”

Taylor Swift’s Anticipated Cameo as Dazzler

Among the anticipated cameos in Deadpool 3 is the rumored appearance of Taylor Swift as Dazzler. Swift’s potential involvement in the film has generated considerable excitement among fans, adding to the anticipation surrounding the movie’s release.


Despite the setback of Juggernaut’s absence, the excitement for Deadpool 3 remains palpable. With promises of unexpected cameos and surprises, fans eagerly await the film’s release, hoping to be treated to an unforgettable cinematic experience.

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