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Why Call of Duty Black Ops 6 on Xbox Game Pass Could Boost Microsoft’s Succes

Xbox Game Pass is one service that aims to attract gamers worldwide with its enticing pricing. The Game Pass catalog can be vast, but it’s not always enough to justify spending $9.99/month. However, this might change with Black Ops 6 coming to Xbox Game Pass. With this AAA series arriving on Game Pass, the tides might shift in favor of the success that Microsoft has been dreaming of.

History of Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass was initially launched on June 1, 2017. Since then, Xbox has undergone several management changes and adopted the Microsoft Gaming tagline. Despite all this time, the subscription service has only garnered 34 million subscribers. According to reports, this is a 36% increase from their previous figure of 25 million. Nonetheless, this could be better with Microsoft’s ambitious aims.

Microsoft’s Ambitious Goals

We know that Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer has been talking about the positive growth of the Xbox Game Pass on PC, but the console experience has been slower. Microsoft aims to reach 100 million Xbox Game Pass subscribers by 2030, which seems lofty but attainable with the right strategies.

The Activision Acquisition

Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision was a major move in the gaming industry. With this acquisition, Microsoft promised to bring all Activision games to Xbox Game Pass. However, we’ve only seen Diablo 4 make its grand debut on the service so far. Although Phil Spencer announced no Call of Duty games until 2024, gamers eagerly anticipate an official announcement.

Call of Duty’s Impact on Gaming

The Call of Duty series has a massive sales record, with over 425 million copies sold. Although the series has seen some decline in quality in recent versions, sales have remained robust. This franchise’s inclusion in Xbox Game Pass is a significant milestone.

Why Black Ops 6 is a Game Changer

The recent trailer for Call of Duty Black Ops 6 has confirmed its arrival on Game Pass, and fans across the internet have been praising this decision. The game also holds an impressive sales record, which could significantly boost Game Pass subscriptions.

Potential for Increased Subscriptions

The arrival of Black Ops 6 could reignite Game Pass subscriber growth, which had stalled even after the Activision acquisition. The appeal of accessing Call of Duty without purchasing it at full price could attract many new subscribers, especially console players.

Previous Day-One Releases on Game Pass

Some of our games, such as Hellblade 2, have already debuted on Xbox Game Pass on day one. These titles show that Game Pass needs more than excellent games in its catalog—it needs blockbuster titles like Call of Duty to drive subscriptions.

Economic Implications for Microsoft

Including Black Ops 6 on Game Pass could potentially increase Microsoft’s revenue significantly. With more subscribers, Microsoft could see an enhanced market share in the gaming industry.

Challenges and Considerations

While the introduction of Black Ops 6 on Game Pass is set in stone, the same can’t be said for prices. There are reports that Microsoft is considering a price change for Game Pass Ultimate. Some speculate that old Call of Duty games, known as COD classics, will also arrive on Xbox Game Pass, which could justify the price hike.

The Role of Exclusive Titles

Exclusive content is crucial for subscription services. Including Black Ops 6 as an exclusive title for Xbox Game Pass could be a major draw for gamers looking for value in their subscription.

User Engagement and Retention

Activision needs to bring something promising to keep users subscribed for months. Could Black Ops 6 be better than the $70 DLC Modern Warfare 3? Only time will tell, but it could boost user engagement and retention.

Comparing Xbox Game Pass with Competitors

Xbox Game Pass faces stiff competition from other subscription services. However, its unique selling point is the inclusion of major titles like Black Ops 6, which can set it apart from its competitors.

Future Projections

With the arrival of Black Ops 6, we can expect subscriber growth for Xbox Game Pass. This could also pave the way for future high-profile additions to the service, making it an even more attractive proposition for gamers.


In summary, including Call of Duty Black Ops 6 on Xbox Game Pass could be a game-changer for Microsoft. It has the potential to attract new subscribers, boost revenue, and enhance market share. While there are challenges, such as potential price hikes, the overall impact could be significantly positive for Xbox Game Pass.

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